Sanjeev Pandey ’87 and Mary Niehaus ’85 Study Alcove, N3190

This space is officially named in gratitude of the generosity of Sanjeev Pandey ’87 and Mary Niehaus ’85.


Grinnell has played such an integral part of our lives.  Mary arrived as a freshman on campus as a fourth generation Grinnellian, a native Iowan who had been regaled with relatives’ stories about the college while growing up and had already explored the Grinnell campus numerous times.  Sanjeev, a native of India, arrived in Grinnell via a Greyhound bus on his first trip to the US on a snowy day in January featuring that bone-chilling, freezing cold wind well-known to anyone who has ever spent a winter at the college.  During our years overlapping at Grinnell we never looked twice at each other, but met and fell in love ten years after graduation at a party in Tenerife given by a mutual Grinnell friend, who is now godmother to our children.  We both absolutely loved our time at Grinnell and have wonderful memories of our time on campus, so wanted to help current and future Grinnell students form life-changing bonds and memories by supporting the HSSC.  And because life without Grinnell?  We can’t imagine.