Are you a student or alum looking to enhance your personal and professional development? Do you wish to connect with individuals who can guide and support you in your journey? Look no further! We are thrilled to announce the launch of MentorGrinnell, a platform designed to foster connections between students and alumni through mentorship.

Why Participate in MentorGrinnell?

Mentorship is a vital aspect of personal growth, and Grinnell College believes in empowering its community members through this experience. By participating in the MentorGrinnell as a mentor or mentee, you open the doors to opportunities and benefits, including:

  • Give Quality Feedback: Engage in a mentorship relationship that allows you to offer valuable insights to current students.
  • Learn from Fellow Grinnellians: Connect with students who are walking a similar path, and guide and support them in achieving their goals.
  • Establish a Growth Mindset: Being a part of the program shows you are committed to personal and professional growth, and dedicated to supporting the progress and talent of others.
  • Offer Networking Opportunities: Help students expand their network and open doors to potential collaborations.

Join your fellow Grinnellians and express your interest in an upcoming cohort session by filling out this short form. Once the session opens, we will reach out to you to bring you onto the site. Then, you can set up your MentorGrinnell profile.

With interest from a possible mentee or help from the platform's algorithm, we will match you based on your unique skills and goals. The platform allows you to schedule sessions based on your availability, customize agendas, notes, and checklists, and monitor your mentorship progress.


We are bringing different career industries or identities onto the site. These groups are called cohorts. Join your fellow Grinnellians and express your interest in an upcoming cohort session by filling out this short form. Below you will find this year’s cohorts. 

  • Technology + Data
  • Careers in Nonprofits 
  • First Generation
  • Arts, Media + Communications
  • Science, Engineering + Sustainability 
  • Health Professions 
  • Government, Law + Policy 
  • Education, Counseling + Library Science 
  • Business + Finance 

Support at Every Step

Grinnell College is committed to your success in the mentorship program. We are here to support you throughout your journey, answering any questions, and ensuring that you receive the full benefits of MentorGrinnell. If you need assistance, please contact Jessica Stewart, senior associate director of alumni and donor relations at You can also find additional information at the MentorGrinnell Help Center.