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Grinnell College launches Experiential College for alumni

The new Experiential College (ExCo) pilot program will begin with several workshops in July and August. Taught by fellow Grinnell alumni, the one-time, up to 90-minute virtual workshop are free to attend and open to all alumni and current Grinnell students. Registration is underway. Registration will close on July 8 for July workshops and July 24 for August workshops or whenever workshop capacities are reached. To give as many Grinnellians as possible the chance to take ExCo courses, we ask that you register for only one course.

Registrants will receive a detailed email with the virtual workshop link and additional resources in advance of the workshop. Additional information can be found in the the Frequently Asked Questions page for prospective participants.

Summer 2020 Workshops

Please register for only one workshop in order to provide as many alumni and students with the opportunity to participate as possible.

Basic Knotcraft: Learn Some Useful Knots and Their Practical Applications

  • Workshop Time and Date: 7 p.m. CST; Wednesday, July 8
  • Workshop Lead: Cathy Borer ’87

In this interactive workshop, participants will learn to tie some useful knots, and we will discuss some practical applications of the knots they learn. No prior experience is necessary. 

Workshop capacity: 10

Learn more about Cathy and the workshop on the Basic Knotcraft registration page.

If These Walls Could Talk: Community Murals and the Stories They Tell

  • Workshop Time and Date: 2 p.m. CST; Sunday, July 12
  • Workshop Lead: Dave Loewenstein ’88

We will explore the process, aesthetics, and impact of murals around the world, including Brazil, Northern Ireland, and in the Midwest. Special attention will be given to discussing how these works can help shape identity and bolster civic participation. 

Workshop capacity: 18

Learn more about Dave and the workshop on the If These Walls Could Talk registration page.

The Enneagram: Seven Deadly Sins (plus two) or Nine Paths to Creativity

  • Workshop Time and Date: 11 a.m. CST; Saturday, July 18
  • Workshop Lead: David O’Donaghue ’77

The Enneagram is a fun and useful means of understanding oneself and others by appreciating, in a new way, personality dynamics within families, work settings, and friendships.

Workshop capacity: 15

Learn more about David and the workshop on the Enneagram registration page.

The First Page

  • Workshop Time and Date: 5 p.m. CST; Wednesday, July 22
  • Workshop Lead: Daniel Penny ’13

During the session, participants will analyze and discuss a few published examples of stories and essays, experiment with prompts, and share aloud some of their work. Come prepared with a piece you'd like to work on, and be ready to reconsider and revise.

Workshop capacity: 15

Learn more about Daniel and the workshop on the First Page registration page.

History Made Personal

  • Workshop Time and Date: 11 a.m. CST; Saturday, July 25
  • Workshop Lead: Shelley Harper ’87

Using known or just discovered ancestors, participants will learn how to find meaningful details about the events, people, and places encountered by their family members.

Workshop capacity: 12 

Learn more about Shelley and the workshop on the History Made Personal registration page.

Learn Flowing Wave Qigong to Flow More Smoothly Through Your Life

  • Workshop Time: 2 p.m. CST; Sunday, August 2
  • Workshop Lead: Claire Holland ’74

Qigong is an ancient Chinese practice that melds mindfulness with movement to improve both relaxation and natural vitality. In this workshop, you will learn some easy to do and remember techniques that you can utilize almost any time you want to create your own island of calm.

Workshop capacity: 23

Learn more about Claire and the workshop on the Learning Flowing Wave Qigong registration page.

Easy Entertaining on a Dime, In No Time, It's Tea Time!

  • Workshop Date and Time: 7 p.m. CST; Thursday, August 13
  • Workshop Lead: Lindsay Browne ’08

This workshop will teach participants to host/hostess a fabulous tea party with easy and beautiful tea treats on a budget. No cooking is required!

Workshop capacity: 25

Learn more about Lindsay and the workshop on the Easy Entertaining on a Dime registration page.

Dream Tech: Designing The Gateway to Infinity

  • Workshop Date and Time: 7 p.m.-8:30 p.m. CST; Tuesday, August 18
  • Workshop Lead: Courtney Sheehan ’11 and Laurie Polisky ’15

Dream tech — devices and applications that directly interface with our dreams at night — is just around the corner. Is the most mysterious human frontier now fair game for technological intervention? Join us for an overview of the nascent industry and research around dream tech.

Workshop capacity: 30

Learn more about Courtney & Laurie and the workshop on the Dream Tech registration page.

Political Organizing in Corona Times

  • Workshop Time and Date: 7 p.m. CST; Thursday, August 20
  • Workshop Leads: Kristin Szakos ’81 and Emily Silliman ’81

From high-tech apps that give volunteers ways to connect virtually, to low-tech approaches like postcards and personal letters, we'll explore how campaigns are responding – and should be responding - to this new environment.

Workshop capacity: 20

Learn more about Kristin & Emily, and the workshop on the Political Organizing in Corona Times registration page.