What it's like to work in health care fields during a pandemic

In their own words, 12 Grinnellians paint a picture of their lives, jobs, and compassion when the coronavirus crisis accelerated. Hover over each picture to find out who each of these front line heroes are. Click the image to read more about their experiences. 

Aurora Burds Connor ’96   Rhashedah Ekeoduru ’03  Scott Fridkin ’86

Eva Hill ’22   Nathaniel Hopkins ’98   Michael Ison ’93

Michelle Raymer Joy ’96   Robin Cook Kopelman ’95   Don Kraitsik ’70

Juliet Mushi ’05  Bethwel Raore ’01  Christine Thorburn ’92

All stories compiled and edited by Erin Peterson ’98.

For your information:

Find out how Grinnell is responding to the pandemic though our COVID-19 Planning and Resources page and look for the summer edition of the Grinnell Magazine in July for more stories about alumni during this unprecedented time.

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