Reunion 2024 Food Truck menus

We are excited to share the menus for the Reunion Block Party for Reunion 2024. Please note, these menus may change.

*Make sure to see Hotsy Totsy. They are set up on the west side of 8th Avenue near the Noyce loading dock.

Dietary Menu Notes

  • Gluten Free (GF)
  • Gluten Free optional (GFo)
  • Vegetarian (V)
  • Vegan (VE)
  • Vegan optional (VEo)

Food Trucks

Click each logo to jump to the menu for each food truck.

Logo for the Caribbean Kitchen. Text with three stripes. Stripes are red, yellow, and green. Text: Caribbean Kitchen, Soul Food and Jamaican Joint.

Logo for Cottonwood Canyon. It is a stylized person drinking coffee. Text: Cottonwood Canyon.

Logo for Dari Barn. A red outline of a bar with grain silos. Text: Dari BarnLogo for Fire on Wheels. The logo is a pizza sitting the front end of a car. Text: Fire on Wheels, Feed Thee

Logo for Hotsy Totsy. Text: Hotsy Totsy surrounded in a green square with purple and pink accents.

Logo for Karam's Grill. Text: Karam's Grill, Mediterranean Cuisine. Image: Leaves create a half circle around the beginning of the text.

An illustrated squirrel holds a red flag featuring the text Grinnell College

Logo for La-Calle. Yellow text in a brick red box with a navy blue diamond behind. Text: La-Calle, Latin American Cuisine

Logo for Pho T. Text: Pho T, Vietnamese Food Truck. Image: A pho bowl sits behind and above the text.

Logo for Scratch Cupcakery. A black stylized cupcake sits on a pink circle. White text in front: Scratch Cupcakery.

Logo for Smokin' J's. The name text is incorporated into a skull and crossbones patern featuring a grill turner and a cooking pitch form. Colors move from yellow down to red to represent flames.

Caribbean Kitchen

This truck’s food is nut free.

1 token 

  • Veggie Empanadas
  • Jamaican Beef Empanadas
  • Flat Bread
  • French Fries
  • Mac and Cheese
  • Mango Slaw
  • Plantains (GF)
  • Rice and Beans Bowl (GF)

2 tokens

  • Jerk Chicken (available as plate or taco) (GFo)
  • Mango Chicken (available as plate or taco) (GFo)
  • Jerk Pork (available as plate or taco) (GFo)
  • Jerk Steak (available as plate or taco) (GFo)
  • Jerk Tofu (available as plate or taco) (V) (GFo)
  • Curry Chicken
  • Curry Tofu (V)
  • Jerk Chicken Sandwich
  • BBQ Pork Sandwich
  • Steak N' Cheese
  • Cubano

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Cottonwood Canyon

This truck’s food is nut free.

1 token

Chips (VE) (V) (GF)
Green Salad (VE) (V) (GF)
Fruit medley (VE) (V) (GF)

2 tokens

Vegan bread available, please ask!

The American (V)
American, Swiss, shredded cheeses

The Mac Attack (V)
Mac-&-Cheese, plus a little more cheese

The Jamerican
American, Swiss, jerk chicken, pepper, onion

The Iowan
American, Swiss, pork, pepper, onion

American, Swiss, bacon, spinach, tomato

The Vegetarian (V) (VEo)
Roasted corn, peppers, onion, tomatoes, basil, cilantro

The BBQ Chicken & Bacon
American, Swiss, shredded, pepper, onion, bacon, chicken

The Southwestern Veggie (V) (VEo)
Roasted corn, peppers, onions, tomatoes, cilantro, basil, & spice

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Dari Barn

1 Token

Vanilla Ice Cream

  • Choose your toppings (up to 2):
    Hot fudge, hot caramel, Oreos, peanut butter cups, Sprinkles, M&Ms, Snickers, black raspberry, chocolate chip cookie dough, strawberries, gummy bears, brownies, snickerdoodle cookie dough, or Heath 
  • Topped if you would like with
    Whipped cream, chopped nuts, and a maraschino cherry!

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Fire on Wheels Pizza

This truck’s food is nut free.

1 Token

  • 1 hot dog & 1 drink
  • 1 slice of pizza
  • 1 5in chocolate chip cookie

2 Tokens

  • 1 slice of pizza, 2 breadsticks & 1 drink
  • 2 slices of pizza
  • 1 gluten free pizza bowl (GF)

Pizzas Available

  • Supreme
  • Veggie (V)
  • Hawaiian
  • Cheese (V)
  • Pepperoni
  • Chicken/Bacon/Ranch

Drinks Available

  • Pepsi
  • Diet Pepsi
  • Cherry Pepsi
  • Root Beer
  • Mountain Dew
  • Diet Mountain Dew
  • Strawberry Crush
  • Orange Crush
  • Grape Crush

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Hotsy Totsy

This truck’s food is nut free.

1 Token

  • Hatch Chili Sour Cream Tots (V)
  • Plain Side of Tots (VE)
  • Cajun Spiced Tots (VE)

2 Tokens

BBQ Pork Tots – house made smoked pork, bbq sauce, sour cream & French’s fried onions

Parmesan Truffle Tots – parmesan cheese, truffle salt & truffle aioli (V)

Guacamole Tots – shredded cheese, diced tomato, sour cream, guacamole, onions & jalapenos (V) (VEo)

Buffalo Chicken Tots – shredded chicken in a buffalo chicken sauce, shredded cheese & sour cream

Loaded Baked Potato Tots – sour cream, shredded cheese, crisp bacon & diced onions

3 Tokens

Smoked Beef Brisket Sandwich Basket – slow smoked beef brisket, shredded cheese, bbq sauce, onions & jalapenos on a Bolillo roll

Lobster & Seafood Pita – toasted pita, chilled seafood salad, shredded romaine & tomatoes

BBQ Pork Sandwich Basket – house made smoked pork, bbq sauce on a toasted Bolillo roll

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Karam’s Mediterranean Grill

Please let us know if you have any food allergies or special dietary needs.

1 Token

Veggie Samosa (V)
A perfectly cooked samosa with a crispy, flaky crust and a savory peas-potato filling 

Mini Gyro (chicken or lamb)
Fresh cooked mini pita topped with Moroccan-style grilled marinated chicken or lamb, lettuce, tomatoes, onion, & tzatziki sauce.

Homemade Baklava - contains nuts
Sweet dessert pastry made with phyllo dough, nuts, and honey

2 Tokens

Lamb Gyro
Authentic lamb, tomato, onion, lettuce, feta cheese, & tzatziki sauce on pita bread (Optional: Sriracha or harissa sauce)

Chicken Shawarma Pita
Grilled marinated chicken shawarma with lettuce, tomato, onion, feta cheese, & tzatziki sauce on pita bread

Vegetarian Falafel Pita (V) (VEo)
Lettuce, tomatoes, onions, fresh cucumber, hummus, tzatziki sauce, and falafel patties on pita bread. (Optional: Sriracha or Harissa sauce.) 

Chicken Shawarma Bowl (GF)
Grilled marinated chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, fresh cucumber, ranch dressing, hummus, tzatziki sauce, and feta cheese. (Optional: Sriracha or Harissa sauce)

Gyro Bowl
Lamb, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, fresh cucumber, ranch dressing, hummus, tzatziki sauce, and feta cheese. (Optional: Sriracha hot sauce or Harissa sauce.)

Vegetarian Falafel Bowl (V) (GF) (VEo)
Falafel patties, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, fresh cucumber, ranch dressing, hummus, tzatziki sauce, and feta cheese. (Optional: Sriracha hot sauce or Harissa sauce) 

Cheese Quesadilla Pita

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Kids Tent

This truck’s food is nut free.

1 Token

Make your own plate with the amount you want of:

Mac and Cheese (V)

Chicken Fingers


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La Calle

this truck’s food is nut free

1 token 

Sweet Corn in a cup: 6 oz Sweet corn in a cup with our own Garbanzo chipotle Sauce and cheese. (V) (VEo)

Venezuelan sweet “Col” salad: 6oz Cabbage in a sweet latin vinaigrette (V) (VEo)

Rice and Beans (V) (VEo)

2 tokens  

Arepas (GF): Hand pattied, and grilled corn flour flatbread, stuffed with your choice of:

  • Queso: Cheddar cheese (V)
  • Pollo: Award winner slow cooked chicken
  • Pollo & Avocado: Award winner slow cooked chicken with freshly cut avocado
  • Pernil: Traditional Venezuelan braised pork
  • Frijol: Vegan Black beans (V)

Cachapas: Traditional Venezuelan sweet corn pancakes topped with your choice of:

  • Queso: Squeaky Hansen’s Dairy Cheddar Cheese Curds. (V)
  • Pollo: Award winner slow cooked chicken
  • Pernil: Traditional Venezuelan braised pork

Cuban Sandwich (Iowa Cuban): Smoked pork loin, smoked ham, smoked cheese, pickle, jalapeno mustard on a brioche bun with potato chips (Best Seller)

Venezuelan Veggie Burger (VE): La Calle’s house made black bean burger, lettuce, tomato, chipotle garbanzo sauce. Bun (egg, milk and honey free) with potato chips (Best Seller)

Pancho Peruano (Spicy-Mild Bratwurst): 4.6oz. bratwurst - peppered-jack cheese - Peruvian sauce - shoestring potatoes - hoagie - potato chips

Completo Bowl:  Choice of pork, chicken, or black beans (V) - rice - lettuce - cheese - salsa - Peruvian sauce - Chipotle sauce (GF)

**ALLERGY DISCLAIMER: In our small food trailer, we make every effort to identify ingredients that may cause allergic reactions for those individuals with food allergies. Items marked gluten friendly are made with no gluten-containing ingredient, but there is a risk of cross contamination due to the presence of allergens in the truck. Effort is made to instruct our food production staff on the severity of food allergies. However, there is always a risk of contamination. La Calle will not assume any liability for adverse reactions to food consumed, or items one may come in contact with while eating our products.

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Pho T

1 Token

Banh Mi – Vietnamese sandwich with grilled pork

1 Grilled skewer (your choice, pork, beef, or shrimp) (GF)

2 egg rolls

2 crab rangoons

2 spring rolls (GF)

Fried chicken wings, 6 pc (GF)

2 Tokens

Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup (GF)

Pad Thai with one egg roll or crab rangoon (GF)

Sweet and Sour Chicken with white rice and your choice, one egg roll or crab rangoon 

Banh Bao, Vietnamese steamed buns, 3 pieces

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Scratch Cupcakes

1 Token

Party Chow - vanilla sprinkle cake, almond filling, almond buttercream, cuppy chow party mix, rainbow sprinkles

Saucy Chocolate Toffee - chocolate cake infused with caramel sauce, caramel buttercream, toffee bits, chocolate drizzle

Red Velvet Cheesecake - southern red velvet cake, chocolate chip cheesecake, cream cheese buttercream, chocolate shavings

Crème Brulee - vanilla bean cake, french vanilla cream filling, vanilla dulce de leche buttercream

Chocolate Covered Waffle - chocolate cake, chocolate chip pudding, chocolate buttercream, chocolate covered waffle cone

Apple Cider Donut - Honeycrisp and Linda Mac apple cider cake, cider spice and cinnamon buttercream, cinnamon sugar

Vegan Lemon Raspberry - vegan lemon cake, vegan raspberry buttercream, vegan lemon buttercream (VE)

Vegan Brownie Batter - vegan chocolate cake, vegan brownie batter filling, vegan brownie batter chocolate buttercream, vegan brownie crumble (VE)

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Smokin J’s BBQ

1 Token

1 side

Side options

  • Fries
  • Potato salad
  • Bacon mac
  • Cheesy potatoes
  • Mozzarella sticks

2 Tokens

1 side (see options above) & 1 sandwich

Sandwich options

  • Pulled Pork
  • BBQ Pork
  • Brisket
  • Grinder
  • Popcorn Chicken
  • Brisket Melt

3 Tokens

2 sides & 1 sandwich (see options above)

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