Reunion Subcommittees - Outreach and Communications

Although we have many ways to contact people en masse, research has shown that people attend reunions because they have been personally contacted by a peer. In fact, more than 70% of alumni say contact from a classmate influenced their decision to attend reunion.  

Everyone on the committee will be responsible for completing peer-to-peer outreach in the fall and again in the spring. However, this subcommittee will be responsible for:  

  • Coordinating a communications plan with DAR staff to manage four class engagement communications over the course of the year. These can be class letters, email blasts, or social media touches – we invite and encourage your creativity!  
  • Providing scripts and email templates to the entire committee  
  • Managing the outreach efforts of the committee 
  • And being a cheerleader to help the committee stay motivated throughout the process 


The committee will utilize a system called GiveCampus to make contacting your classmates easy. The GiveCampus platform allows all members of the Reunion planning committee to send mass emails using templates that this subcommittee will create in conjunction with DAR staff. The mass email will still look personalized and replies will come directly to the personal email account of the committee member who sent the message. Templates are customizable by the sender. However not every classmate will have an email address. Since we want every classmate to receive personal communication, we will ask that you contact those individuals who do not have an email address listed using another method (postcards the College provides, phone call/text message, or social media). The College will provide training on the GiveCampus system during a committee meeting in the early Fall.  


  • The first round of outreach will be completed no later than October 31 to not conflict with end of calendar year messaging from the College and to be one of the first Reunion touches your classmates receive.  
  • The second round of outreach will be completed no later than April 1 to encourage registration.  
  • In addition to the peer-to-peer outreach, we also encourage class engagement communications in October, January, March, and late June following Reunion.

Outreach Tools

Sample Outreach Scripts (these are Word/PDF files)  

Give Campus Resources (PDF files)  

Social Media

The images below are for you to use on social media as well in other communications you may share with your class. To download an image, right click and select save image.

Email Banner

White and Red text on black background. Text: Reunion 2024 - Save the Date May 30 - June 2.

Instagram Story

Two sections of text. First section Red and Black text over a gray background. Text: Reunion 2024. Second section white text over black background. Text: Save the date: May 30-June 4, 2023.