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Welcome to MentorGrinnell's Help Center, powered by our partner, Together Mentoring. This page is designed to provide you with the support and resources you need to make the most of your mentoring experience. Whether you are a mentor or mentee, we are here to ensure your journey is seamless and rewarding. Explore our knowledge base, find answers to your questions, and discover valuable insights to enhance your mentoring relationships. Together, let us create meaningful connections and foster personal and professional growth. Thank you for your partnership.

Getting Started

How to Update Your Registration Questionnaire Responses

Resources & Learning Materials


How do I contact my Mentee/Mentor/Peer?

How do I cancel a Match Request?

Matching Checklist & Tasks - Mentees, Mentors & Peers

Mentees: How do I get matched?

Mentors: How do I get matched?


How do I Reschedule my Session?

Individual Calendar Integrations

Mark Session as Complete/Mark as Done

Add Video Conference Link

How do I Schedule a Session?

Scheduling Sessions Without your Calendar Integrated


Sessions Agendas

Where do I find the agenda?

Creating & Editing Session Agendas


Who can see my feedback?

Do I need to give feedback?

Post-Session Feedback

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