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FAQ for Prospective Teachers

How many workshops will be offered?

Ten workshops will be offered in this pilot. Additional courses may be considered based on the success of this initial effort.

Will teachers be compensated for their efforts?

Teachers will receive a one-time workshop development fee of $250.

Will the college provide needed materials or equipment for the participants?

The college will not be sending physical materials to participants. Participants will need to provide their own.

Can the college send lists of needed materials or readings via email to the participant before the course?

Yes, we are happy to assist you in sending those materials digitally through email and Grinnell Connect.

What is Grinnell Connect?

In Grinnell Connect, we can create group pages where you and your students can interact, share resources, and discuss the course further. It is also your place to be a mentor or mentee, network with alumni and students, and connect professionally with your alumni peers for career and sharing opportunities.

When will the workshops be taught?

The workshops will be taught online between July 1 and August 21, 2020.

When are workshops applications due?

Applications are due by Wednesday, June 3.

When will workshops be approved?

You will be notified by June 10, 2020

I want to teach a workshop, but I don’t have any teaching experience.

That’s fine! We just ask that you are passionate about the topic.

My non-alum spouse/friend would like to teach a workshop – can they?

Unfortunately, currently, we are limiting the teaching of courses to just Grinnell alumni.

Can I donate my “workshop development fee” as a gift to the college?

Unfortunately, no, but you can volunteer your time instead of a fee.