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Giving monthly supports Grinnell students daily

Your gift in support of Grinnell students can be just as easy as your monthly subscriptions for Amazon Prime, Hulu, or cell phone service. Monthly recurring gifts allow you to set your gift and forget about it by establishing an automatic debit to a credit/debit card or deduction from a bank account.

Sarah Sherrell ’15

“I set up a recurring gift as part of my commitment to Social Justice. I want students to experience and benefit from Grinnell's education with less of a financial burden. My monthly gift is part of my way of sharing my gratitude for Grinnell and hope for the future.”
Sarah Sherrell ’15

Leanne ’04 and Nathan ’03 Williams

“We’re committed to making the world a better place, so we make plans to follow through. Part of our commitment looks like monthly recurring gifts to several communities and causes, including Grinnell College. Recurring gifts mean that we always know we’re keeping our commitment, no matter what else is going on.”
Leanne ’04 and Nathan ’03 Williams

Your Support Means …

By establishing a monthly recurring gift your giving supports Grinnell students each and every day by providing a steady source of income to the College’s budget. You pick the amount that fits your budget. As you can see below each gift really adds up.

Monthly Gift Total Annual Gift Your gift will support...
$5 $60 Plastic Sheeting to cover the hoop house at the College garden
$8.34 $100 Passport for a student
$15 $180 Study Break during finals week
$50 $600 Covers Spring Break travel for one student athlete
$153.84 $1,846 (Founders' Circle) Music licensing fees for a public performance

*Calculations listed above are based on recurring gifts established during the first month (July) of the fiscal year.

What are your benefits?

  • Budget friendly. Divide your gift into manageable installments.
  • You don’t have to worry about missing a year of giving.
  • Flexibility – increase, decrease or suspend your gift at any time – just notify us.
  • Receive fewer requests for gifts! Yes - you won’t hear from us as frequently!
  • Your monthly gifts support students every day!