Young alumni pose in front of Gates Tower during Young Alumni Weekend 2022.

Grinnell College Alumni Volunteers 

We would like to recognize and honor the many Grinnell College alumni who offer their time and talents to the Grinnell community by volunteering as Alumni Council members, class agents, class fund directors, Reunion volunteers, Multicultural Reunion volunteers, regional network volunteers, and externship hosts. See below for more information about each of these programs, as well as a list of the alumni who make them possible.

Alumni Council

The Alumni Council is a group of 26 Grinnell College alumni. The mission of the Alumni Council is to support purposeful, lifelong relationships among Grinnell alumni and between the alumni and College communities. For additional information, please contact Jayn Chaney '05, director of alumni and donor relations, at

List of Alumni Council members

Class Agents and Class Fund Directors

Class agents foster existing connections and promote new relationships among classmates, other alumni, and the College. They do so primarily by writing class letters once or twice per year that share classmates’ updates and by helping plan your class’s Reunion. Learn more about class agents on the Class agent info page. If you are interested in becoming a class agent, contact Jessica Stewart, senior associate director of alumni and donor relations, at  

Class fund directors (CFDs) serve as leaders in class fundraising efforts to ensure the experiences you had as a Grinnell student are available to the next generation of Grinnellians. CFDs send emails to their peers on giving days, write fundraising appeals and thank you notes, and help plan your class’s Reunion. Learn more about CFDs on the CFD information page. If you are interested in becoming a class fund director, contact Mary Zug, associate director of annual giving at

List of Current Class Volunteers

Externship Hosts 

Externship volunteers host a current Grinnell College student for a job shadow, either virtually or in person. The externship experience allows students to evaluate how their personal values, interests, and expertise may form a future life and career. In return, alumni hosts get to know wonderful Grinnell students and make an impact on their future. Externships take place over spring break each year. If you are interested in serving as a host or have any questions about the program, please contact Jessica Stewart, senior associate director of alumni and donor relations, at

List of Current Externship Volunteers

Multicultural Reunion Volunteer 

Multicultural Reunion volunteers plan all the events, programs, and interactive learning opportunities for the biennial Multicultural Reunion. They strive to rebuild and strengthen relationships between the College, alumni of color, LGBTQIA+ alumni, international student alumni, alumni with disabilities, Jewish alumni, and first-generation alumni. They build community by sharing their individual and collective stories with each other, students, faculty, and staff. Contact Sarah Smith-Benanti, assistant director of alumni and donor relations, diverse communities, at for more information.  

List of Multicultural Reunion Volunteers

Regional Volunteer Communities

Are you interested in connecting with fellow Grinnellians in your area? Do you like helping to bring people together? Regional Community Volunteers build community among Grinnellians in a variety of cities across the country. They plan summer picnics, happy hours, nights at the theatre, and much more. Contact Ashley Renstrom-Schaefer, associate director of alumni and donor relations at for more information.   

List of Regional Communities Volunteers

Reunion Class Committee Volunteers 

Grinnell alumni return to the College for Reunion each year to rekindle connections with classmates, enjoy lively conversations and engaging events, and explore the current campus and community. Class committee volunteers lead the planning efforts to build a Reunion that will highlight their Grinnell experience and engage and inspire their classmates to attend Reunion and stay connected with the College. Visit the Reunion class committee page and email for more information.  

List of Current Reunion Class Committee Volunteers