Sustainable Initiatives at Reunion 

Grinnell strives to be a model of environmental stewardship by incorporating sustainability ideals into the College's operations. 

  • All outdoor meals at Reunion feature compostable tableware. All utensils, plates, cups, packaging and napkins can be discarded in containers labeled “compost” and will be taken to a nearby compost site after Reunion.
  • We select more sustainable food options by offering locally sourced foods as well as vegetarian and vegan dishes.
  • Grinnell is supporting the local drinking water infrastructure by providing water on tap in place of single use plastic water bottles. There are water bottle filling stations located in many buildings throughout campus and several outdoor stations are available as well. 
  • To facilitate coordination of carpooling to Reunion, we provide “Caroster.”  Please visit the Reunion Rideshare page to learn more. 
  • We reduce the use of paper by employing QR codes to access the schedule, food truck menus, and all other useful information online. 
  • In former years all Reunion classes were offered a small piece of Grinnell memorabilia as a giveaway item. This resulted in unwanted year and class-specific items moving into storage after each Reunion. In an intentional effort to minimize over-production and waste, we now offer the option to order your Reunion memento when you register. You can learn more about the current Reunion year’s mementoes on the Reunion Mementoes page

What You Can Do

We’re working to make Reunion as green as we can, and we need your help! Learn more about what you can do to help keep Reunion sustainable below, and feel free to ask questions when you get to campus. 

  • Pack your favorite reusable water bottle! They are available for purchase in the Bookstore as well. Filling stations are set up outdoors and exist in most buildings around campus. We hope to eliminate plastic bottle waste as we continue to reduce single use plastics across the event.
  • Travel to Reunion sustainably. Consider taking a Reunion shuttle to and from the airport (available when you register), carpooling with your classmates across the country (visit the Reunion Rideshare page), or offsetting your carbon emissions from travel.
  • During the weekend, always throw your waste in the proper bins (i.e., don’t throw food or liquids into the blue recycle bins)!