Volunteer Weekend 2017 – Work Session Summaries

Class Fund Directors Workshop

with Mae Parker, director of annual giving; Jillian Beukema, senior associate director of annual giving; Jessica Naughton, assistant director of annual giving for Reunion giving; and Boyd Monson ‘16, assistant director of annual giving for Phonathon

Class Fund Directors learned a range of tips and tricks to employ in their fundraising and relationship-building activities.

Directors were presented with statistics about giving this fiscal year. They also heard information about how they can be involved with College’s #GivingTuesday plans on Nov. 28.

Beukema led a discussion about best practices for solicitation letters. Directors will receive some example letters from their peers to see those practices in action.

One of the liveliest activities was a group exercise led by Monson. Class Fund Directors were given the following question. Why Grinnell? How do we overcome objections? Directors talked about their own personal reasons for giving and what objections they have encountered. For example, one common objection for not giving is the College’s sizable endowment.

The exercise led to a conversation about how to combat objections. In response, Monson used the acronym AERA: Address, Education, Reasons and Ask. The first thing to do is address the concern followed by educating them about Grinnell. Next, give them a reason a give and then ask them to give a gift.