Alumni Council Information about Membership

The Council’s 2022-23 meeting dates are November 3-5, 2022 and March 9-11, 2023. 

What is the mission of the Alumni Council?

The mission of the Alumni Council is to support purposeful, lifelong relationships among Grinnell alumni and between the alumni and College communities.

Can anyone apply for the Alumni Council?

Yes! The Grinnell Alumni Council seeks to have as diverse a membership as possible and currently has members from five decades of graduation years, seven states, and three countries. The only requirement for Council application is to be an alum of Grinnell College.

When can I apply for the Alumni Council?

The open nomination/application process for the Alumni Council runs year round, although the annual deadline for consideration is Jan. 5. Interviews and selections take place in FebruaryMarch, annually. Any alum can self-apply for the Council or be nominated by a fellow alum or a Grinnell College faculty or staff member. If nominated, an alum will be sent the application materials by the Office of Development and Alumni Relations.

How do I apply for the Alumni Council?

Please complete the online application form below and submit it by January 5, annually.

What is the selection process for the Alumni Council?

The Membership and Elections Committee reviews all of the submitted applications and conducts interviews with select applicants. Based on the quality of both the application and the interview, as well as the needs of the Council, the nominating committee selects the final slate of applicants. The slate is presented to the full Council for approval. All applicants are notified of their status, regardless of selection or non-selection to the Council. All reviews and interviews will take place during the months of January and February. New Council members will be announced by April 1.

What are the criteria for the selection to the Grinnell College Alumni Council?

Successful applicants are alumni of Grinnell College who have an active connection to Grinnell, such as a volunteer, event participant, or donor.  Ideal candidates are bright, creative, and diverse, and hold a true desire to positively engage other Grinnell College alumni in the life of the College. The ability to actively participate in regular conference calls, meetings, and the work of the Council is crucial. It is estimated this commitment can be between 5-10 hours per month.

What is the term of service for an Alumni Council member?

Newly elected members' two-year terms begin following the Alumni Assembly event during Reunion Weekend. Each new member elected to a position on the Council serves for a period of two years, with up to three consecutive terms. The Council votes annually to renew terms for members who have completed their first or second term. The term of any member elected as an officer will be extended, if necessary, to allow that member the opportunity to complete the term of office to which they has been elected. However, no member can exceed seven consecutive years of service.

How many openings for members are available?

The number of seats available depends on the number of Council members cycling off the Council. Please note that because of the high caliber of applicants, Council membership is highly selective.

What are the requirements of an Alumni Council Member?

There are two service expectations and one requirement of an Alumni Council member:

  1. Alumni Council members will be expected to work on the business of the Council between and during meetings, which will include serving on a committee, participating in conference calls, supporting local alumni activities whenever possible, and other duties as assigned.

  2. Alumni Council members will be expected to make an annual financial contribution to the College and to join with fellow council members as they generously match seniors' gifts through the Stephen K. Kent ’67 Memorial Senior Challenge.

    To the degree that they are able, Council members will be expected to cover their individual travel costs for meetings and will designate those expenses, in part or in full, as in kind contributions to the College. For those unable to contribute travel expenses, travel costs will be reimbursed. Hotel and meal expenses while in Grinnell are fully covered by the College for all Council members; however, Alumni Council members will be expected to be prudent when making travel decisions and arrangements.

  3. Alumni Council members are required to attend three full council meetings within each two-year term (see article V of the Council bylaws). Attendance requirements will be monitored by the Membership Committee.


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