Lori Ann Schwab '95 Alumni Grant

Lori Ann Schwab '95 was committed to making the world a better place by helping others, but her life was cut short by a sudden illness while she was studying in London in 1994. The Lori Ann Schwab '95 Alumni Grant recognizes the ongoing community service of Grinnellians who were at the College with Lori. The grant provides stipends to support specific projects or fulfill the needs of nonprofit service organizations or public schools with which these individuals are significantly involved.

2023 Recipients: John Brentnall ’93 and Tara M. Neavins ’93

John Brentnall ’93 and Tara M. Neavins ’93

John is using the grant to purchase e-books and audiobooks for Quatrefoil Library so that LGBTQ+ youth and their parents have access to resources regardless of geographic location. Tara is using the grant so a Central California girl scout troop can make handmade blankets for survivors of sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and sex trafficking.

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Grinnell College alumni (defined by the College as anyone who was enrolled at least one full semester) from the graduating classes of 1992 through 1998 are eligible to apply for the grant.

Grant and Criteria

The number of grants awarded varies from year to year based on the financial performance of the fund and the number of applications deemed deserving. Each grant awarded is for a minimum of $250 and a maximum of $2,000. Applications for grants must demonstrate a tangible benefit to others. Stipends may be used to support original projects, supplement existing projects or programs, or fund professional development. Preference will be given to proposals that benefit children. The following examples of possible unfunded or underfunded needs (listed in random order) are meant to stimulate thought but not to limit ideas:

  • Books, art supplies, or science equipment
  • Health or safety outreach programs
  • Senior/school or "buddy" partnerships
  • Field trips to museums or environmental centers
  • Activities in homeless shelters
  • Attendance at conferences or workshops on learning disorders

The alum must be significantly involved as a staff member or a volunteer at the organization or public school that benefits from the grant. Organizations (with the exception of public schools) must be 501(c)(3)nonprofits as defined by the IRS.

Application Process

The deadline for applications is March 1 each year. Members of the selection committee include faculty, staff, and alumni, who will consult with members of Lori Ann Schwab's family, and recipients will be recognized in College publications. Awardees will be notified by the end of April. To apply for the Lori Ann Schwab '95 Alumni Grant, please complete the Schwab Alumni Grant Application, which includes:

  • A 2–3 page brief essay which answers the following questions:
    • Describe your project. Why is it important? What are its goals?
    • Why is this project especially important to you?
    • What is your work plan (if applicable)?
  • A proposed project budget
  • A letter of support from your sponsoring organization/public school
  • Confirmation of 501(c)(3) status (if applicable)

Ethical Guidelines

All applicants are expected to adhere to these ethical guidelines.

For more information, contact the Office of Development and Alumn Relations at alumni@grinnell.edu.

Previous Recipients


Lisa Ranahan Andon ’92


Fredrick Mann ’97
Tessa Sutton ’97


Kristin Stuchis ’98
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Carrie Fetzner Ramirez ’97


Shannon Hancock ’92
Amy Ariel ’97


LaShaunda Malone ’97
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Amy Neevel ’95 


Beth Prullage ’94


No grant awarded


Karla M. Selby ’92
Byron F. Johnson ’93
Dorje Gurung ’94 


Shayne Beschta ’95
Megan Lewis ’95
Kristin Stuchis ’98 


Nora Bloch ’92
Kathy Waddell ’96 


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Kathleen Packard ’97
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Sally Galman ’96 


Sarah J. Anderson
Chelsey Langland
Caryn Tatelli ’92 


Michele Host ’97
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No grant awarded


Grant established; no grant awarded