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Roger Bauman
Koenraad F. Bostoen
Alex C. Castori1986
Daniel P. Clifton
Anne H. Crowl1957
Harry C. Crowl1955
Michael K. Daley1972
Livija Denavs-Rebane1964
Callandre E. Eyman-Vavroch2014
Philip J. Guarco1982
Mark Haley2007
Allen R. Halterman
Virginia L. Halterman1966
Linda S. Hayes Gallegos1970
Nora S. Hoover1970
James P. Howard
Erin D. Hurley
Jennie L. Jackson
Kathryn M. Jackson1983
Adam Laug
Douglas E. Lewis1971
Veronica Lewis
Sara L. Mathews1982
Susan K. McCurry1971
Richard A. McGinn1968
Results: (1 - 25) of 43

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Experience. Learn. Celebrate.

Susan Holden McCurry ’71 and David McCurry invite you to a reception, program, and luncheon with the Grinnell College Swimming and Diving Teams. ​​Join us as we celebrate all that our Grinnell College Community is and can be.

RSVP by Tuesday, Dec. 31, online below or by phone at 866-850-1846.

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Sunday January 5
11:30 AM - 3:00 PM
Please register below.
Not Available
Online registrations for this event are now closed. Please call to register at 866-850-1846.