Alumni Council Members

Council members, who can serve up to three two-year terms, meet twice a year on campus and promote an active group of alumni in the region where they live.

If you are interested in serving on Alumni Council, learn more about the Alumni Council membership criteria.

Meet Current Alumni Council Members

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John F Schwaller "Fritz" '69Fritz Schwaller — Council President
Class of 1969

Ryann Haines Cheung '93Ryann Haines Cheung — Council President - Elect
Class of 1993

Lester Alemán '07Lester Alemán
Class of 2007

Jim Asplund '88Jim Asplund
Class of 1988

Claudia Joy Beckwith '77Claudia Beckwith
Class of 1977

Cameo Carlson '93Cameo Carlson
Class of 1993

Ann Poor Cary '81Ann Poor Cary
Class of 1981

Jeetander Dulani '98Jeetander Dulani
Class of 1998

Debby Feir '68Debby Feir
Class of 1968

Debbie Gottschalk '90Debbie Gottschalk
Class of 1990

Graciela Guzmán '11Graciela Guzmán
Class of 2011

Phillip Hales '02Phillip Hales
Class of 2002

Kelly Clements Hopfer '96Kelly Clements Hopfer
Class of 1996

Brigham Hoegh '08Brigham Hoegh
Class of 2008

Andrea Jackson '95Andrea Jackson
Class of 1995

David Jarvis '04David Jarvis
Class of 2004

Christopher Meyer '70Christopher Meyer
Class of 1970

Mary Knuth Otto '63Mary Knuth Otto
Class of 1963

Ahsan Rahim '11Ahsan Rahim
Class of 2011

Robert A. Ruhl '76Robert Ruhl
Class of 1976

Howard Schein '66Howard Schein
Class of 1966

Rhonda Stuart '86Rhonda Stuart
Class of 1986

Rick Stuck '82Rick Stuck
Class of 1982

Jocelyn Wyatt '99Jocelyn Wyatt
Class of 1999

Student Representatives to the Council

  • Myles Becker '19 Student Government Association President (Ex Officio)
  • Emily Zaffiro '19 Student Alumni Council President (Ex Officio)