Scarlet & Give Back Day Advocate Information

Help spread the word!

Let’s show the world how impactful Grinnellians truly are! This page is the place to find how to share your Grinnellian pride during this year’s Scarlet & Give Back Day on April 19 and 20.

Infographic. Three stars float above three red squirrels. Text: How to become an advocate. Encourage your classmates, friends, and family to support Grinnell students by becoming an advocate. 1 Log In/Create an account; 2 Make your gift 3 Share, Share

1: Log In or Create an Account

Log into your GiveCampus account or create an account so we know how to celebrate your hard work! Go to and click "Sign Up" in Advocate tab to create an account.

2: Make Your Gift

It's much easier to ask friends and family to join your support for Grinnell if you have made your own gift. And better yet make it a matching gift or create a challenge gift to encourage others to give.

3: Share, Share, Share

The built-in share buttons on the campaign page generates a link that is unique to you. If you share while you are logged in, we can track and celebrate your impact! 

Questions?  Please contact Mary Zug at or call 641-269-4554.

Watch this video to learn more about how to become a Scarlet & Give Back Day advocate

How to create your call for support

We’ve made it simple for you to ask your peers to make a gift in support of Grinnell students during Scarlet & Give Back Day. To get started, be sure you are logged into your GiveCampus account or create an account at

Quick pointers

  • Always include the #GivingtoGrinnell alongside your posts.
  • Posts with images, videos, emoji, and other multimedia typically attract more attention than text-only. Have fun! 💯 🙌🏼
  • Share your link via the sharing buttons on the campaign page! Tag other Grinnellians to draw attention to your message.
  • If you choose to create a Match or a Challenge, be sure to share and promote it throughout the day.

Sample social media scripts

To help you get started, use the following sample Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram posts.

I’m participating in Scarlet & Give Back Day because [favorite memory or takeaway] [collection of photos from your time at Grinnell] #GivingtoGrinnell

When I was a student at Grinnell College, I [insert favorite memory here]. That’s why I’m taking part in Scarlet & Give Back Day this year! You can too:

Scarlet & Give Back Day kicks off tomorrow! Our whole community is gathering and giving back to empower our students and invest in the leaders of tomorrow. Are you ready to join me and make an impact? #GivingtoGrinnell

I might be [x] miles from Grinnell, but it’s never far from my ❤️! Join me in giving back today

Current Grinnell students, the alumni community has your back. You got this. 🤗

When I was a student, I knew my experience at Grinnell was made possible by alumni who came before me. That’s why I’m paying it forward by making a gift and contributing to future student success!