The Class of ’68 Classroom, A3234

This space is officially named in gratitude of the generosity of members of the class of ’68.


The Class of 1968 raised over $1.7 million to celebrate our 50th Reunion. Reflecting our diverse interests, we made unrestricted operating gifts (Pioneer Fund) and unrestricted bequests, and directed gifts and bequests to more than 25 different restricted operating, capital, and endowed funds. We made gifts large and small, with credit and anonymously, to those things at Grinnell College that matter to each of us.

Class members had expressed interest in two Class Gift projects: an endowed scholarship and a named space in the Humanities and Social Studies Center. Some favored the former: “I like the idea of influencing a life as opposed to creating a thing. Much more long-lasting, I think.” Some favored the latter: “Class of ’68 Auditorium has a nice ring.” Others were torn: “I like the idea of a scholarship because they were so important to my being able to attend Grinnell, but I also like the idea of something tangible with a label that reminds students that previous classes cared and gave.” The Class Committee elected to do both. The Class of 1968 Endowed Scholarship is providing need-based aid now, and students for years to come will use the Class of 1968 Classroom.

Much of the HSSC is new construction, but the Class of 1968 Classroom is in ARH, where we took classes, and students using it today can look out onto Park Street as we did more than half a century ago. Since our classroom is in the academic neighborhood that includes Classics, it may at times host the one class still taught at Grinnell that all of us were required to take: Humanities 101.