A map of the United States with dots and labels for each of the 33 current or planed regional networks.

Regional Networks

Grinnell Regional Networks are the areas in the United States and globally with a whole lot of Grinnellians! Regional Network areas have significant alumni populations and tend to be areas that many current students call home.

Every year over 2,000 Grinnell College alumni, students, and friends attend an event hosted by a Grinnell College Regional Network. This past year, regional networks in 27 different cities in the United States and the network in London, England hosted summer picnics, winter parties, happy hours, theatre events, and a multitude of other gatherings. All regional network events are open to the Grinnell community and serve as an important point of connection for our alumni and friends.

It is our hope that Regional Network events will bring Grinnellians together in celebration of the College’s commitment to community, social justice, and lifelong learning.

Regional Networks

Regional Networks vary widely in terms of the size of their alumni population, the range of class years in that area, and the diversity of their alumni populations. To learn more about your local regional network, visit your region’s page below. Every regional network listed has hosted at least one event in the past two years.

For more information about upcoming events in your area, please visit the Alumni Events Calendar page.

Domestic Regional Networks






International Regional Networks