Donor Profiles

Those who give to Grinnell are as individual as the gifts they make, gifts take all shapes and sizes and touches all aspects of Grinnell's missions.

Dick and Jean DoubJean and Dick Doub

“Dick and I hope that it honors and preserves Hallie Flanagan’s memory, as one central to the creation of the only truly national theatre program ever in America,” Jean says. “We also hope the scholarship fund will assist Grinnell students gain an understanding of and appreciation for theatre, by providing opportunities to learn and love the theatre arts.”

‘Unsung hero’ of the American theatre inspires gift for future Grinnell College thespians

Carolyn Toft ’58, Jessica Toft ’89, & Sophia Schott ’21Carolyn Toft '58, Jessica Toft '89, and Sophia Schott '21

“I took advantage of many opportunities: basketball, volleyball, research assistant, Collegium Musicum, and Grinnell Singers. I had a chance to explore possibilities and be involved socially. That’s a remarkable education, and I haven’t even yet mentioned the social justice aspect — an emphasis on the value of humanity. I give to Grinnell because it is important to keep social justice as part of the identity of Grinnell College.” – Jessica Toft '89

Family reflects on what College has meant to four generations of Grinnellians

John Kispert ’85 and Jill Goldberg KispertJohn Kispert ’85 & Jill Goldberg Kispert

“Grinnell is a place where everyone is part of something bigger than themselves and where people work and play with others who are far different from themselves,” says John Kispert. “Moreover, athletics provide unique opportunities for students to encounter differences and learn from each other – on the field and on the court.”

Kispert family brings philanthropic leadership to athletic excellence at Grinnell

Erica Tarpey '93Erica Tarpey '93

“It’s eye-opening to go someplace else and be ‘the other,’” Tarpey said. “We’re so often surrounded by some level of comfort and similarity to the people who make up our communities. Travel not only helps you appreciate other cultures, it helps you appreciate your own. The college is significantly expanding international immersion experiences for students and that’s what hooked me.”

Alumna sets up global fund to expand minds and opportunities with travel

Robert Cantwell '66 with wife Lydia WegmanRobert Cantwell '66

“There’s something that this place imparts that can be recognized,” Cantwell said. “I’m not sure what it is exactly. Grinnell graduates have a natural affinity for one another.”

Alumnus, retired English professor sings virtues of humanities education

These are just a selection of stories about those who give to Grinnell in various ways. To read more donor profiles, please explore our Donor Profile archive.