Alumni Email

Scope of Grinnell College Responsibilities and Provisions

Alumni email is a free service provided to alumni of Grinnell College, subject to use policies of the agreement Grinnell College has with Microsoft, and subject to change as Microsoft modifies the contract. Grinnell College makes no guarantee of terms and conditions out of our control.

Grinnell College provides a secure sign-on and secure transfer of email within the email system. However, alumni should be aware that Grinnell College cannot be responsible for the security of information forwarded to other accounts.

Acquiring Your Account

As students move to alumni status, their current account will continue to be available, so will be their email account.

Alums who do not have a account can request one by emailing us with your request.

Please include:

  • First name, last name, and class year.
  • Any preference you have for your username. We can’t guarantee availability, but will do our best to accommodate your request.
  • If you’d like the new account to be your preferred email address. If you have no other email on file with us, we will automatically set the new email address as your preferred account.

Terms and Conditions of Use

Users are expected to have read the Grinnell College Computer Use Policy prior to use of the email system. Use of the email system constitutes full acceptance of the terms and conditions of the policy and consent to monitoring. 

Official College correspondence may be communicated through the Grinnell College email address. Grinnell College email addresses may be forwarded to another email account as desired. Alumni accept the Grinnell College helpdesk hours of operation for trouble ticket requests.

The consequences for not complying with the conditions of the Grinnell College computer use policy, or for any misuse of the free Grinnell College alumni email account could result in revocation of system privileges.

Logging In

To access the your email, use