Pioneer Fund: Empowering Grinnell

Grinnellians have always understood that present actions can have far-reaching future consequences.

That’s exactly why Grinnell exists. Grinnell remains Grinnell because of your support.

Pioneer Fund gifts provide unrestricted funds to the operating budget, and the College can expend them as needs arise. That’s why your annual gift makes a direct and significant difference for today’s and tomorrow’s students, including helping more of them afford a Grinnell education.

Larger funding organizations look not just at the dollar amounts we’ve raised, but at our alumni participation rate, in choosing whether to support Grinnell. So your annual gift, of any amount, really matters — by showing the world your passion for Grinnell, you help inspire such passion in others.

Sarah Labowitz '04, who co-directs the Center on Business and Human Rights at New York University’s Stern School of Business, says she frequently wishes for similar latitude with funding in her own organization. “I like the chance to be flexible and innovative at our own center, and that can happen when other people put their trust and confidence in the ideas that we have,” she says. “That idea is part of the reason we gave Grinnell an unrestricted gift.


By supporting Grinnell’s day-to-day workings, year after year, you fuel current students’ curiosity, ambition, and ingenuity — and that’s just the beginning. Your support is an offering to the whole world’s future, preparing generations of uncommonly hopeful and purposeful graduates to go forth and put their Grinnellian ideals into practice.

We’re truly grateful for your ongoing vote of confidence.

To make an online gift to Grinnell’s Pioneer Fund, please use our online giving tool. For more information, call 866.850.1846 or email us at