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Evaan Y. Ahmed2023
Sarah E. Alward2003
Alex K. Anderson2015
Wesley R. Beary2005
Mary K. Bowler1986
Amy M. Brandt2027
Meenakshi Brandt
Benjamin C. Brim2023
Brian J. Broderick1986
John W. Canady1980
Laurie Canady
Jin Chang2018
Spencer N. Clark2023
Lorelei Coffin
Charles E. Connerly1968
Martha A. Crawford
Judith H. Crossett1968
Danielle P. Evans-Schreiber2019
Samantha L. Falduto2026
Sharon Falduto
Siri A. Felker2019
Jeffrey Fields1990
Linden D. Galloway2017
Alexander G. Glebov-McCloud2018
James M. Hackett2002
Results: (1 - 25) of 60

Grinnell-in-the-Corridor Summer Picnic

Charlie and Shannon Hammen Miner '01, the Office of Development and Alumni Relations, and the Office of Admission invite all members of the Grinnell community and their families to the Grinnell-in-the-Iowa Corridor summer picnic. See old friends, make new ones, and give a special welcome to the just-graduated class of 2018 and the entering class of 2022.

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Sunday August 12
2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
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Not Available
Online registrations for this event are now closed. Please call to register at 866-850-1846.