Wall Service Award 2016 Winners

Katie Lee '09 Katie Lee '09

Lee works for B Lab, a nonprofit organization that is working, through a network of B Corporations, to address issues of our social and economic lives that the private sector has tended to ignore. She will use her $25,000 award to jumpstart B School, an online educational platform — and extension of B Lab — that will enable people around the world to learn about the B Corporation movement, improve their business practices, and take action to help companies manage the impact they have. Using her background in education, Katie will work with B Lab staff to co-develop individual courses and cohort trainings for internal and external audiences and work with a creative designer to build and pilot the B School tech platform on a learning management system. Within one year, she intends to build and pilot this online education platform and launch courses for B Lab staff, B Corporation ambassadors, and the general public.

Renata Heberton '06 Renata Heberton '06

Heberton’s award will fund The Pillar Project, a new extension of Angelica Village. Created in 2014, Angelica Village offers shelter, food, and sustained support to people who experience homelessness through poverty or displacement by war and violence. This proposal for is for The Pillar Project, a supportive services and mentorship project that will expand the capability of Angelica Village to build sustainable living and support the life goals and dreams for all of its residents. Current services include food, shelter, general acculturation support, a therapeutic environment, emotional support, access to spiritual and religious communities, and individual plans for education and employment. In order to support the self-efficacy and personal, educational, and employment development for the resident partners of Angelica village, The Pillar Project will provide personal and community support and mentoring. Specifically, The Pillar Project will support and advocate for unaccompanied refugee minors, young refugee adults, and formerly homeless adults to increase stability, connect with appropriate resources, provide enrichment, and identify and work towards life goals.

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