White text on red background. Text: Multicultural Reunion 2023 - Nov. 10-12 | The Road Ahead Together.

Thank you for attending Multicultural Reunion 2023, The Road Ahead Together

Thank you to everyone who attended and a special thank you to the Multicultural Reunion Alumni Planning Committee members listed below. View a recap of the weekend.

Alumni Planning Committee Members

Althea Ricketts ’86 and Ceraun Loggins ’12, co-chairs

Lester Alemán ’07, Avery Barnett ’21, Randall Christopher ‘87, Jennifer Dong ’17, Jeffrey Fields ’90, Milton Garcia ’14, Grisel Hernandez ’17, Lin Hsu ’22, Carly Jerome ’11, Laika Lewis ’17, Karo Marquez-Gil ’17, Kathi Matsuura ’90, Reina Matsuura ’19, Amanda Na ’22, Rick Rose ’88, Jasmine Sanchez ’10, Natz Soberanes ’13, Rhonda Stuart ’86, Fae Townsend ’01, and Chris Wilde ’88.

Multicultural Reunion 2021 – Reimagining our Grinnell narrative

For many of us, our arrival on campus challenged the norm of what it meant to be a Grinnellian. While our time at Grinnell certainly changed our lives, our lives certainly changed Grinnell. 

Multicultural Reunion 2021 presented a connected, inclusive, and engaging series of events for alums from across spectrums of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender expression, and ability to access and explore their own Grinnell narratives while building community within community.