Reunion Subcommittees - Fundraising

This committee is responsible for working with the Class Fund Directors to solicit and steward their class. Philanthropic support during a Reunion year is a wonderful way to honor your legacy while supporting Grinnell’s commitment to providing students with individualized experiences that prepare them to be integral contributors to society. The class gift for many is the only connection they may have with campus during their Reunion year. In fact, far more people give to the College in any given year than can attend Reunion.  

This committee is flexible regarding how much participation is expected from members. Some members may choose to only send personalized thank you messages, while other members may partake in the direct solicitations. Specific responsibilities for the overall fundraising committee include: 

  • Personally thanking every donor from your class during the Reunion year.  
  • Incorporate Reunion giving message into the CFD appeals.  
  • Develop a class-specific fundraising message that can be used by the entire committee when they are talking to classmates.  
  • Set goals that are ambitious but achievable, increasing participation and dollars raised from your class.  
  • Be a leader by making your gift early in the fiscal year and making a multiyear commitment at a level that is comfortable for you.  


  • Fall CFD Appeal – date pending
  • #GivingTuesday email – date pending
  • End of Calendar Year email – date pending
  • Scarlet & Give Back Day – send messages and post on social media throughout the day – April 10-11
  • Spring Appeal – date pending
  • End of Fiscal Year email – send in June after Reunion