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The Grinnellian

The Grinnellian is a monthly e-newsletter launched July 2019 to broadly share Grinnell College stories, events, and activities. Besides being informational, a key goal of the newsletter is to demonstrate the differences donors and volunteers are making in the lives of current and future Grinnell students.

The Archive

Please note, the archived issues of The Grinnellian are exact versions of the e-newsletter sent out. As such, some of the events, contests, and links may have expired. If you have any questions, please contact us at alumni@grinnell.edu.

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The Grinnellian Trivia

In each issue of The Grinnellian, we include a Grinnell trivia question. The first five who reply each month with the correct answer wins a prize. Please see the archived questions, answers, and a list of winners.

August 2023

What do the flags hanging above Spencer Grill represent?

Answer: The different nationalities of current Grinnell students

Winners: Lester Alemàn ’07, Paige Wheeler ’16, Zainab Thompson ’22, Khondamir Imomnazarov ’23, and Paul Catanzaro.

July 2023

Who was the longest serving Grinnell College president?

Answer: John Hanson Thomas Main

Winners: Ann Lousin ’64, Jim Hamilton ’65, Kim Thomas ’72, Tara Rawlings ’23, and Gene Wubbels.

June 2023

“The men of old were strong and bold” are the first few words of what school song?

Answer: Here Comes the Pioneers

Winners: Gary Wilson ’66, Jane Meyer ’67, Amy Spitzer ’73, Jim Strickler ’78, and Carissa Lehning ’22.  

May 2023

What DAR staff member is Grinnell softball’s all-time leader in career doubles?

Answer: Dinah Zebot ’03

Winner: Rania Robb ’03

April 2023

What alumna was co-founder and president of the League of Women Voters Iowa chapter?

Answer: Louise Rosenfield Noun ’29

Winners: Betsy Clarke ’69, Bob Eckardt ’73, and Chris Zug ’93

March 2023

What College building was the first in Iowa to receive LEED gold certification?

Answer: CERA’s Environmental Education Center

Winners: Cindy Maier ’70, Natalie Rehm ’96, Carissa Lehning ’22, Pamela Cox, and Em Heath.

February 2023

Who was the first African American woman to receive tenure at Grinnell College?

Answer: Kesho Scott

Winners: Jack Spence ’64, Jon Gray ’73, Rae Whatley ’88, David Fuller ’90, and Emma Knatterud-Johnson ’05.

January 2023

What residence hall was initially built to accommodate the Officers’ Candidate School during WWII?

Answer: Cowles Hall

Winners: Ann Lousin ’64, Kim Thomas ’72, Susan Grodsky ’74, John Nordmeyer ’83, and Anushka Kulshreshtha ’21.

December 2022

In what year did the Scarlet & Black newspaper begin printing?

Answer: 1894

Winners: James Decker ’75, Kaydi-Ann Newsome ’14, Carissa Lehning ’22, Pamela Cox, and Donna Palmatary.

November 2022

Since 1904, 14 Grinnell students have earned Rhodes Scholarships to study at what institution?

Answer: Oxford University

Winners: Sydney McQuoid ’73, Sam Perlman ’90, Amanda Hodo ’14, Emily Stevens ’18, and Elizabeth Bausch.

October 2022

In what sport did Christine Thorburn ’92 participate in at the 2004 and 2008 Olympics?

Answer: Cycling

Winners: Gabi Conecker ’00, David Jarvis ’04, Pat Ritter ’08, Rebecca Villa ’21, and Tino Tazvitya ’23.

September 2022

What Grinnellian was the first woman to be awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship?

Answer: Hallie Flanagan Davis 1911

Winners: Jane Meyer ’67, Natalie Rehm ’96, and Asha Holsopple ’11

August 2022

What year did Conard Environmental Research Area open?

Answer: 1968

Winners: Ron Berry ’71, Jon Krieg ’84, Jody Seigel ’93, Mario Manalu ’22, and Stephanie Roush.

July 2022

What Grinnell College Hall of Fame inductee is Grinnell baseball’s all-time hits and homers leader?

Answer: Mike Nodzenski ’12

Winners: Jon Krieg ’84, Wade Beltramo ’93, Rania Robb ’03, Rex Chien ’09, and Aaron Levin ’14.

June 2022

How old was Grinnell College when the town of Grinnell was founded?

Answer: 8 years old

Winners: Jan Tait ’58, Jeff Scheckter ’71, Jim Strickler ’78, Neva Specht ’89, and David Orman.

May 2022

What former Congressman came back to Grinnell to give the Commencement speech in 1995? 

Answer: Alan D. Wheat ’72

Winners: Carol Cupples ’67, David Wagner ’76, Anna Davis ’95, Gustavo Arambula ’10, and Mark Duncan ’19.

April 2022

Loose Hall on South Campus is named after what two Iowans?

Answer: Francelia Spitzer Loose and Dr. David Loose

Winners: Claudia Bogard ’77, Jon Krieg ’84, Natalie Rehm ’96, Rich Lehning, and Todd Schmidt.

March 2022

What role did Walter Koenig ’58 play in Star Trek?

Answer: Pavel Chekov

Winners: Christine Gilson ’68, Judy Packer-Tursman ’78, Mary Niehaus ’85, Ethan Struby ’10, and Jaime Bleess.

February 2022

The name for Grinnell’s Young, Gifted, and Black Gospel Choir originated from what writer?

Answer: Lorraine Hansberry

Winners: Byron Bangert ’69, Martha Musgrove ’69, Katherine Willhoite ’81, Carin Bringelson ’91, and Jack Isaac

January 2022

What was the name of the residence hall singing contest usually held on Mother’s Day in the 1940s-1960s?

Answer: Fetzer Sing

Winners: Errett Schmid ’60, Martin Gibbs ’62, Ruthena Fink ’68, John Holbert ’68, and Suzanne Lueck ’69.

New Year's 2022 Edition

Who was Grinnell College’s first female graduate? 

Answer: Joanna Harris Haines 1865

Winners: Betsy Wolcott ’75, Monique Shore ’90, Amy Pletsch ’96, Dora Urias, and Bill Owens.