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Why Giving Matters

As someone who loves Grinnell, you know what our intensively inquiring, globally engaged, social-justice-focused program does for our students. They chart and follow their own academic courses. They listen wholeheartedly, speak empathetically, and debate vigorously. Each individual Grinnellian helps shape our one-and-only intellectual society on the prairie.

And that’s just the beginning. As graduates journey through the life and career they’ve launched at Grinnell, they enact and reflect our world-influencing values — and inspire new generations of students — every day.

Think back to your own college experience

Chances are, you benefited from the generosity of others — through a scholarship, an international trip, an internship or work-study opportunity — perhaps without even knowing it. Now you’re in the unique position to influence our next generation of thinkers and scholars, leaders and doers.

By giving to Grinnell, you sustain our commitment to fully preparing today’s Grinnellians-in-the-making — regardless of their ability to afford a premium college education. With your gift, you honor today’s students as they overturn assumptions and subvert the obvious. And you make it possible for tomorrow’s Grinnellians to keep inventing the world — as only Grinnellians can.

Together with Grinnell, you can design the gift that best defines your vision for the future.