Ken Christiansen Learning Grove

Post for the Ken Christianson Learning Grove.

This space is officially named in gratitude of the generosity of Steven Ginzbarg ’76 in memory of Professor Ken Christiansen.

Grove Plaque

If you have or if you are working through an issue of mental health, you are not alone.  Grinnell College will support you.  Grinnell supported me when I needed it most and I am privileged, in turn, to support Grinnell and this serene campus location in memory of Professor Ken Christiansen.  Ask for help if you need it, your Grinnell family is here for you. –Steve Ginzbarg ’76, biology


Steve first became interested in plants and flowers during trips to the Rocky Mountains.  Grinnell supported Steve by allowing him to return to school following a manic episode.  Without Grinnell’s help, Steve never would have gone on to graduate with an M.A. in Botany from the University of Texas at Austin or become collections manager at the University of Alabama’s herbarium.

To learn more about Steve and his story, please read No Longer Anonymous, a story featured in the Grinnell Magazine