Share your perspective on Grinnell

When you say you went to Grinnell, how do people react? What makes Grinnell distinct? What do we do better than anyone else? You can answer these questions and more from your experience with the College.

Grinnell is conducting a research study among out alumni, students, faculty, staff, and Trustees. Our aim is to serve our students and alumni, strengthen our reputation, and better tell our story. And we’d like to hear your voice. Working with Ologie, an independent marketing partner, we have sent out a reputation and perception study, which you may have seen in your email inbox.

Your role in this process is critical. Please share your perception of the College by participating in the study, which will take only 15–20 minutes to complete. In appreciation for your time, our partner, Ologie, offers you a chance to win one of ten $50 Amazon gift cards.

Your perspective is extremely valuable to us, and we sincerely appreciate your time and willingness to share your feedback. Just click on the link below to submit your responses.

Grinnell College reputation and perception study