Celebrating Philanthropy

Students stretch National Philanthropy Day celebration into a week.

Nov. 11, 2016 — National Philanthropy Day isn’t celebrated until Nov. 15, but Grinnell students spent the entire week prior celebrating the time, talent, treasure, and ties that alumni, friends, faculty, staff, parents, and students give to the College. Each event corresponded to one of the four Ts of philanthropy (time, talent, treasure, and ties):

  • Making care packages for alumni celebrating their 65th Reunion
  • Writing thank you notes to faculty and staff who have had a major impact on their Grinnell experience
  • Guessing how many alumni donors supported Grinnell last year
  • Placing their home on a virtual map and seeing where other Grinnellians are from

What does it mean to give time?

Time means giving back to Grinnell by donating your time and usually a little effort. This can be participation in the Global Day of Service, serving as a GRASP volunteer, or putting together a care package for a student.

What does it mean to give talent?

Talent refers to your skills, knowledge, and your willingness to share them with Grinnell. Giving talent might be mentoring a student, returning to campus to discuss your work through the Alumni in the Classroom Program, or just answering a few questions a student has about what you do.

What does it mean to give treasure?

Treasure refers to cash, checks, credit card donations, and stock gifts that you give to Grinnell. These forms of gifts go to support Grinnell in many ways: scholarships, student programming, the Pioneer Fund, etc.

What does it mean to give ties?

Ties refer to your social network, professional network, and your willingness to share them with Grinnell. For example, this might be helping a student find an internship, externship, or job-shadow opportunity at your workplace or connecting them with a friend or colleague who does the kind of work they may be interested in.