Class Fund Director

Class fund directors (CFDs) play a significant role for their classes as peer-to-peer development officers helping the College achieve its strategic goals by generating financial support.

The ultimate goal of a CFD is to create a relationship with classmates that enhances and deepens the class’s philanthropic relationship with the College. The work of the CFD, in concert with development staff at the College, is to increase participation as measured by percentage of classmates giving and dollars contributed.

Responsibilities of a CFD:

  • Demonstrate personal commitment by giving to Grinnell every year.
  • Ask classmates to give to Grinnell.
  • Thank classmates for giving to Grinnell.
  • Attend Volunteer Weekend.
  • Actively participate on the class committee by attending Reunion Planning Weekend and assisting with Reunion planning efforts for your class.

CFD — Scott Ross '81

Class Fund Director Scott Ross"As a class fund director, I facilitate the relationship between my classmates and the College in a way that encourages my classmates to make financial contributions to the College. I encourage classmates to make financial contributions and thank them for the financial — and other — contributions they make. I volunteer because I understand that my family and I did not pay the entire cost of my education at Grinnell, and it’s rewarding to be part of a community that works to ensure a Grinnell education for students now and for generations to come."

For more information about becoming a class fund director, please contact Mary Zug, assistant director of annual giving, at or 641-269-4554.