Wall Service Award 2002 Winners

Anita Chakravarti Hale ’94

Anita Chakravarti-HaleAnita Chakravarti Hale ’94 received a $10,000 Wall Service Award that will fund and provide legal services for geographically and linguistically isolated victims of domestic violence in the rural areas of Pierce County, Washington. Through this project operating under the YWCA of Pierce County, she will reach more isolated survivors of domestic violence and educate them as to their legal rights and options; provide court support and advocacy for these clients to assist them in navigating the complexities of the civil legal system.

This project will also create and develop a “bank” of pro bono/low cost interpreters and translators to assist monolingual women in accessing the court system and increase the numbers of victims of domestic violence from isolated rural areas and/or non-English speaking backgrounds on the caseloads of the program's 2 attorneys. She will closely work with Northwest Women's Law Center, Columbia Legal Services, The Northwest Immigrant Rights Projects, and the Tacoma/Pierce County Bar Association.

Sarah Fee ’96

Sarah FeeSarah Fee ’96, former research collaborator and guest curator at the Smithsonian Institution, received a $20,000 Wall Service Award that will fund her project in Madagascar. It will focus on establishing primary schools in three villages in the arid, impoverished southern region of the country, and provide skills to young adults through a local non-governmental organization in the town of Ambondro, and provide organizational and literacy training for 8 women's associations. The award will allow her to build on and expand on her own private efforts of the past 10 years to assist in these initiatives.

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