Grinnell Regional Networks Volunteer

Alumni volunteer on regional planning committees to foster the local Grinnell community in the College's Regional Networks — the 11 areas in the country with substantial alumni populations. Together with the Office of Development and Alumni Relations, these alumni work to foster their local Grinnell community and strive to further the following goals:

  • Promote the College’s spirit, mission, and vision in regions around the country.
  • Build connections and fellowship among alumni, parents, students, and friends.
  • Foster healthy relationships for the advancement of the College.
  • Create an environment committed to the goals of the community, social justice, and lifelong learning.

To accomplish these goals, each committee meets two to four times a year and coordinates at least four events. Regional planning committees thrive through the leadership of a regional coordinator and the active participation of committee members. Regional volunteers are expected to participate in committee meetings, lead or assist with planning for events, encourage alumni attendance at events, and recruit new volunteers.

Regional Network Resources

Learn more about the Regional Networks program and connecting with a regional planning committee, or how to host an event outside of a regional network. If you have any questions, please contact Ashley Restrom-Schaefer, associate director of alumni relations, at or 641-269-9317.