White and Black Text on a red background. Text: Scarlet & Give Back Day. April 13-14, 2022. Icons: White Acorn and White Squirrel.

Scarlet & Give Back Day Social Media Toolkit

Tools to help spread the word!

Let’s show the world how impactful Grinnellians truly are! This page is the place to find social media images and posts to share your Grinnellian pride during this year’s Scarlet & Give Back Day on April 13 and 14.

How to become an advocate infographic. 5 boxes with different steps. 1) Track your efforts 2)Make your gift 3) Offer a Match 4) Share, Share, Share 5) Tell your story

Watch this video to learn more about how to become a Scarlet & Give Back Day advocate

Step 1: Follow us

Step 2: Create your call for support

We’ve made it simple for you to ask your peers to make a gift in support of Grinnell students during Scarlet & Give Back Day. Read through some of our helpful tips on peer-to-peer fundraising and sample scripts.

Step 3: Share your Grinnell pride

Grinnell College is special to so many people and Scarlet & Give Back Day is a perfect time to share your Grinnell story. It’s our memories that keep us connected. Support our College and together, let’s build a bright future for students of today and tomorrow. Because the world needs Grinnellians … and Grinnellians need us. 

Background: A white acorn icon on a gray background. Text: I GAVE! make your Scarlet & Give Back Day gift of alumni.grinnell.edu/giveback
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Black and White Text over Red Background. Text: Scarlet & Give Back Day April 13-14.
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