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Mary Hopkins and Charlie Hopkins
Mary Hopkins and Charlie Hopkins



Alumni and friends from the Naples, Florida, area joined the Grinnell College Swimming and Diving Team in a lively celebration Sunday at the Port Royal Club that introduced the Campaign for Grinnell College.

Hosted by Susan Holden McCurry ’71, honorary campaign co-chair, and her husband, David McCurry, the event demonstrated how Grinnellians come together to serve the College and the greater good.

From her time serving on the Board of Trustees, McCurry said she developed a new perspective on what things really cost at Grinnell.

“I started to understand the fees needed for maintenance and repairs, how finances were dedicated to attracting faculty to a place that doesn’t always command immediate appeal, and the extraordinary costs of maintaining a need-blind admission policy,” she told the audience. “I realized that even if students were paying full tuition, their education was still being subsidized by the College. And then, in 2008, when the recession hit, I witnessed how quickly the endowment could diminish. This was when I understood how much of a difference my support could make.”

McCurry and French Professor David Harrison explained how Grinnell’s Global Learning Programs have led to increased cultural awareness and wider world views.

“I’ve seen these experiences provide extraordinary impact for both faculty and students, changing the course of study for undergraduates and encouraging collaboration across academic disciplines,” McCurry said.

Harrison added that Grinnell’s attention to global engagement is truly an expression of the College’s longstanding values.

“The College’s mission statement calls on us to prepare students ‘to use their knowledge and their abilities to serve the common good,’” he said. “Grinnell believes the common good encompasses the entire world.”

The comprehensive campaign comprises all gifts made to the College from July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2021. There are six philanthropic campaign priorities: Scholarships and Financial Aid; Individually Advised Teaching and Learning; the Center for Careers, Life, and Service (CLS); the Institute for Global Engagement (IGE); World-Class Facilities; and the Pioneer Fund.

The Naples event also included a reception and luncheon where student-athletes on the Grinnell swimming and diving team enjoyed interacting with alumni. The team faced Connecticut College in a swim meet the next day in Naples.

Thank you for being with us. With your partnership, we are ensuring current and future Grinnellians have the kind of life-changing opportunities and experiences that will enable them to pursue their purposes, passions, and make a meaningful difference in the world.

We truly believe that together, we are greater.


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