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Gift Recognition Communities

When you give to Grinnell College, you are impacting lives. You are investing in your own college legacy. You are investing in the next generation of Grinnell alumni so they can take what they have learned at Grinnell and make a difference in the world. We gratefully recognize those who give so generously to support the mission, vision, and innovation of the College. We strive to honor donors through the giving communities listed below and by saying thank you for considering a gift to Grinnell.

Cash Gift Giving Communities

Presidents' Circle — $25,000 and up 

The leadership gifts of these donors work together for the common purpose of preserving and extending the educational and service heritage left by the 13 presidents of Grinnell College. Through these leadership gifts, Grinnell College continues to be known for innovation and excellence in student education, experience, and diversity.

Deans' Circle — $10,000 to $24,999

The Dean of the College focuses on providing the support and resources for faculty and staff to do their best work for students and the future of Grinnell. Donors at this level are recognized for the same commitment the Dean and their staff have, to be the best Grinnell College possible: a close-knit intellectual community of people who are eager to engage across differences, offer lively companionship, and direct their efforts in pursuit of knowledge that will serve the common good.

Founders' Circle — $1,846 to $9,999

In 1846, the 11 members of the Iowa Band who founded Iowa College (now Grinnell College), worked together against a host of obstacles. These pioneering men created the basis for a flourishing educational institution on the Western frontier that continues to grow and adapt to the new challenges of the 21st century. We commemorate their tenacity with gifts above $1,846, with a nod to the year they made the College come to life.

James J. Hill Circle — $178 to $1,845

On June 10, 1846, James J. Hill of the Iowa Band laid a silver dollar on the table at a meeting of the Iowa College Association, declaring it to be the seed of an endowment to support outstanding students and faculty. Each fall, new students receive a Grinnell silver dollar medal during the Medallion Ceremony, calling them to assume the responsibility to support their College. The minimum gift of this giving level increases each year by $1, commemorating the College's founding dollar.

Grinnell Circle — $1 to $177

Every gift is important to Grinnell College and all donors to the College have a place of honor, for only through private support can Grinnell College take its place as an extraordinary, innovative, academically rigorous institution.

Planned Gift Community - Asa Turner Society

Making a planned gift is one way to “let the future bear witness” to your love for Grinnell, with potential benefits for you as the donor, your heirs, and the College. The Asa Turner Society honors those who have made this choice to help Grinnell sustain the excellence that began in 1846.

You can become a member of The Asa Turner Society by:

  • Documenting the fact that Grinnell College is a beneficiary of your will, retirement account, life insurance policy, or living trust
  • Establishing a deferred gift for Grinnell College’s benefit, such as a charitable annuity or unitrust