Image: Students wearing masks while studying together on campus. Text: Support our Community

Strengthen Our Community

It’s not the place, but the people who make a community. Grinnellians have always embraced this idea and understand that by supporting and learning from each other, we all grow stronger. This challenge has now ended! Thank you to all our new donors for participating and to Joel Spiegel ’78 for offering this challenge.

A progress bar showing progress against a goal of $7,500. $0 is on the left and $7,500 is on the right with an empty space to be filled in by a red line. The Red Bar fills about 41% of the open area.

As of June 30, $3,100 of $7,500 has been raised. 

Joel Spiegel ’78 presenting his summer work for Prof. Joe Danforth

“I give to Grinnell College as a way to show my appreciation for alumni who gave in support of my education. I believe in paying my Grinnell education forward to current and future students.” – Joel Spiegel ’78

Pictured is Joel Spiegel ’78 presenting his summer work for Prof. Joe Danforth.

Join Grinnellians now by making a gift. Come together and support our current and future students who will ultimately take on the variety of challenges we face, locally, nationally, and globally.

To make your gift:

  • Use our online giving form. Online transactions must be completed by 11:59 p.m. CDT on June 30.
  • Call the Office of Development and Alumni Relations at 866-850-1846.
  • Sign and mail a check payable to Grinnell College. Mail to the Office of Development and Alumni Relations, 733 Broad Street, Grinnell, IA 50112, dated and postmarked by June 30. 

Grinnell College is a place that allows students to discover what they care about and learn how they can contribute to their communities and make the world a better place. Gifts from alumni are an important component for supporting learning and discovery in a student’s experience.

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