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What to Support

In pursuit of a greater impact in the world

It’s time for all of us to invest so that future Grinnellians may continue to thrive. By joining together, we can help prepare more students to live, learn, and work with meaning and purpose — and to do what Grinnellians have always done: Change the world.

We believe passion drives philanthropy. There are so many opportunities to connect your passion to your support of the College. We encourage your continued engagement and ongoing support of our top philanthropic campaign priorities listed below.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Need-blind admission affirms our foundational principles, ensures access for every qualified student, and allows students from all walks of life to enrich our learning community. Learn more>>

Individually Advised Teaching and Learning

We must provide a unique academic experience for every student, enriched by inquiry-led learning, faculty mentored research, and other forms of research as a discipline for discovery. This priority includes support for the liberal arts experience including co-curricular opportunities and student support networks. Learn more>>

Center for Careers, Life, and Service

The Center for Careers, Life and Service is committed to connecting and integrating students’ interests and studies through real-world, hands-on experiences, internships, externships, and apprenticeships, enabling students to pursue and succeed across multiple life paths and careers. Learn more>>

Institute for Global Engagement

Rich study-abroad and global experiences, international internships, and opportunities for travel ensure that Grinnell graduates have an expanded worldview and are prepared to thrive and contribute to communities around the world. Learn more>>

World-Class Facilities

These ensure that the Grinnell learning place encourages collaboration, creativity, and inquiry among our entire campus community. Learn more>>

The Pioneer Fund

The Pioneer Fund provides unrestricted gifts that benefit the College by allowing investments where funds are needed most from year to year. Learn more>>


Designate how your support will be used by Grinnell. Support an existing department or program of your choice. (e.g., Music Department, Women's Soccer, Student Publications, etc.)

Giving Online

Our online giving tool allows you to designate how you would like to support Grinnell.