Class of 1993 Giving Page

Thank you for engaging with the Class of 1993, 30th Reunion Giving Campaign. Your generosity enables a transformative experience for both current and future Grinnell students. In celebration of your Reunion, please consider making a five-year pledge. For the Reunion year, the five-year pledge counts toward the Reunion giving total. In addition, documented Planned Gifts will also count towards Reunion giving totals.

Direct your support to whatever Grinnell program, project or fund you wish. Several funds are listed in the drop down … or select “other” and write in your choice.

You can support two or more projects with one gift. For example, to support the Class Scholarship and the Pioneer Fund, enter the amount you wish to give to "1993 Scholarship Fund" and click Add Gift. Then use the drop down to select "Pioneer Fund," enter the amount you wish to give to that fund, and click Make another gift.

You can use the online form to make a one-time gift or establish a sustaining gift. You’ll see both options on the form. To use the online form as a 30th Reunion five-year Giving Agreement, after entering your five-year giving total, at Additional Information, for Type of Gift check Pledge, then enter the combination of Number of Installments and Frequency you prefer (i.e., 5 and annually, 20 and quarterly, 60 and monthly, or 260 and weekly).

If you prefer to make your gift through mail, please use this downloadable gift agreement form.

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