Office of Development and Alumni Relations

Mission Statement

To enhance Grinnell College’s excellence and secure its future by engaging our diverse community’s time, talents, treasure, and ties in the ongoing work of building a culture of philanthropy and engagement for the benefit of all Grinnellians.  

Core Values

We strive to uphold our core values as we pursue our mission and deliver exemplary service to everyone with whom we interact. We commit to doing so in a manner that is professional, respectful, and kind: 


We ensure people across the full continuum of human ability have equitable access to our office and our work.


We communicate transparently and consistently, honor our agreements, and deliver on our promises.


We recognize each individual possesses unique strengths and valuable perspectives that contribute to a comprehensive whole. We believe professional partnerships should be built on honesty, trust, cooperation, and meaningful dialogue.


We foster meaningful relationships between Grinnellians across generations, geographies, identities and cultures; and we contribute actively to a Grinnell community where all feel welcome, protected, and comfortable being their authentic selves.


We recognize and honor that which differentiates us from one another; this includes, but is not limited to, who we are, where we are from, what we believe, and who we love, as well as our past and current circumstances, abilities, and lived experiences.  


We lead with compassion, putting humanity and dignity first, as we recognize that each of us possesses our own truth informed by our own unique experiences.


We acknowledge intersectional, structural inequalities, both historic and current, that advantage some and disadvantage others. We work to institute fair and just practices and policies so that all may thrive.


We promote full participation of all members of our community and welcome everyone’s contributions and perspectives.

Life-long learning

We approach our work and professional relationships with an open mind, refusing to be limited by our current beliefs and established practices. We actively pursue opportunities for professional growth and improvement, especially when we learn that we have caused harm.

Why we share these with you

We share our values and mission to promote an in-depth understanding of how the Office of Development and Alumni Relations approaches its work with alumni volunteers in supporting the Grinnell community. We invite you to consider using our mission and values to guide you in your work with our office and with the Grinnell community.