Three alumni from the class of 1972 catch up.

Grinnell College Alumni Volunteers – Class Volunteers

Class agents (CAs) foster existing connections and promote new relationships among classmates, other alumni, and the College. They do so primarily by writing class letters once or twice per year that share classmates’ updates and by helping plan your class’s Reunion. Learn more about class agents on the class agent info page. If you are interested in becoming a class agent, contact Jessica Stewart, senior associate director of alumni and donor relations, at

Class fund directors (CFDs) serve as leaders in class fundraising efforts to ensure the experiences you had as a Grinnell student are available to the next generation of Grinnellians. CFDs send emails to their peers on giving days, write fundraising appeals and thank you notes, and help plan your class’s Reunion. Learn more about CFDs on the CFD information page. If you are interested in becoming a class fund director, contact Mary Zug, associate director of annual giving at

Current Class Volunteers

CA = Class Agent
CFD = Class Fund Director

Class of 1948

Beverly Stubbee (CA)

Class of 1949

Hester Newton (CA)

Class of 1951

Don McInnes (CA & CFD)

Class of 1953

Bill Ingram (CA & CFD)

Class of 1954

Elizabeth Brooke (CA)

Class of 1955

Dean Martin (CFD)

Class of 1956

Don Cassiday (CA)

Class of 1957

Art Travers (CA)
Judy McCormick (CFD)

Class of 1958

Bobbie Froeberg (CA)
Larry Froeberg (CA)

Class of 1959

Carol Hoskins (CA)

Class of 1960

Catherine Alter (CA)

Class of 1961

Nancy Maly (CA)
Hunt Davis (CFD)
Jack Swenson (CFD)

Class of 1962

Bob Musser (CA)
Bill McKnight (CFD)
Gof Thomson (CFD)

Class of 1963

Mary Otto (CA)
Lowell Baker (CFD)
Bob Bramson (CFD)

Class of 1964

Pam Rogacki (CA)
Marilyn McIntyre (CFD)

Class of 1965

Barbara Moore (CA)
David May (CFD)

Class of 1966

Ruth Bergerson (CA)
Laurie Hill (CFD)
James Holbrook (CFD)

Class of 1967

Linda Powers (CA)
ViAnn Beadle (CFD)
Linda Neal (CFD)

Class of 1968

Phil Bertenthal (CA)
Sara Dreyfuss (CA)
Barry Ancona (CFD)

Class of 1969

Murry Nelson (CA)
Betsy Clarke (CFD)
Jim Sebern (CFD)

Class of 1970

Nora Hoover (CA)

Class of 1971

JC Labowitz (CA)
Mary Brooner (CFD)
Anne Schwaller (CFD)

Class of 1972

David Hechler (CA)
Greg Gaines (CFD)

Class of 1973

Jeffrey Taft-Dick (CA)
Kit Gage (CFD)
Anne Walter (CFD)
Barry Zigas (CFD)

Class of 1974

Marilyn Musser (CA)
Ellen Rostker (CFD)
Scott Weil (CFD)

Class of 1975

Betsy Wolcott (CA)
David Calvert (CFD)
James Decker (CFD)

Class of 1976

Margaret Bogie (CA)
Robert Ruhl (CFD)

Class of 1977

Carter Newton (CA)
John Aubry (CFD)

Class of 1978

Jim Strickler (CA)
Marjorie Goldman (CFD)

Class of 1979

David Herren (CA)
John Malkinson (CA)
Russell Rydel (CA)
John Schechter (CFD)
Elizabeth Wiley (CFD)

Class of 1980

Jeff Greenberg (CA)
Victoria Gilbert (CFD)
Charles Wibiralske (CFD)

Class of 1981

Yafa Napadensky (CA)
Bob Shannon (CA)
Scott Ross (CFD)
Rod Sinks (CFD)

Class of 1982

Laura Shepherd (CA)
Maggie Banning (CFD)
Anne Gabriel (CFD)
Stephany Sanborn (CFD)
Rick Stuck (CFD)

Class of 1983

Kimberly Butler (CA)
Jenny Ross (CFD)
Janet Scannell (CFD)

Class of 1984

Wayne Huebener (CA)
Scott Preston (CA)
Eric Eidsmoe (CFD)
Sarah Marsh (CFD)

Class of 1985

Lisa Van Sand (CA)
Liz Fathman (CFD)
Mary Miller (CFD)

Class of 1986

Rhonda Stuart (CA)
Christopher McKeachie (CFD)
Philip Shiffman (CFD)

Class of 1987

Sam Bloom (CA)
Sarah Jolie (CA)
Daniel Baskes (CFD)
Danielle Currier (CFD)

Class of 1988

Jennifer Sultz (CA)
Mark Schumann (CFD)
Jeff Skelton (CFD)
Ed Zelley (CFD)

Class of 1989

Suzie Smith (CA)
Lara Szent-Gyorgyi (CA)
Dawn Fritzell (CFD)
Larissa Hautekeete (CFD)
Joel Maurer (CFD)

Class of 1990

Sam Perlman (CA)
Sasha Aslanian (CFD)
Debbie Gottschalk (CFD)
Anthony Harris (CFD)
Kirsten Pullen (CFD)
Monique Shore (CFD)

Class of 1991

David Gassaway (CA)
Irene Poesia Faass (CA)
Rob Neill (CFD)
Amy Woodworth (CFD)

Class of 1992

Josh Burke (CA)
Liz Lewis (CFD)
John Nickerson (CFD)

Class of 1993

Cameo Carlson (CA)
Ryann Cheung (CFD)
Jay Dick (CFD)

Class of 1994

Kendra Hillman Chilcoat (CA)
Jeffrey Sullivan (CFD)

Class of 1995

John Wanninger (CA)
Nancy Ying (CA)
Janet Mathews-Flynn (CFD)
Julie Pecaut (CFD)

Class of 1996

Todd Kopelman (CFD)
Dave Kurzman (CFD)
Jason Parsons (CFD)

Class of 1997

Kirpal Singh (CFD)

Class of 1998

Ben Rodriguez (CA)
Maura Bartel (CFD)
Rebecca Eilers (CFD)
Alison Hart (CFD)

Class of 1999

Mansir Petrie (CA)
Sarah Danberg (CFD)
Matt Horstman (CFD)
Petar Klaetsch (CFD)
Dhruv Mallick (CFD)
Jeremy Youde (CFD)

Class of 2000

Sarah Flinders (CFD)
Skye Langs (CFD)

Class of 2001

Roshan Shrestha (CA)
Sherman Willis (CA)
Jon Petitt (CFD)

Class of 2002

George Carroll (CFD)
Abbey Scheckter (CFD)

Class of 2003

Mariah Hibarger (CA)
Tony Pham (CA)
Thomas Beaudin (CFD)
Nathan Williams (CFD)

Class of 2004

Natalie Davidson (CA)
David Jarvis (CA)
Sarah Labowitz (CA)
Adam Klepper (CFD)

Class of 2005

Leslie Stanton (CA)
Cristina Briskie-Wood (CFD)
Sarah Butcher (CFD)
Delwin Pinkins (CFD)

Class of 2006

Jennifer Beinart (CA)
Mary Parker (CFD)
Patrick Waldo (CFD)

Class of 2007

Please contact us at or 866-850-1846 if you are interested in being a Class Agent or Class Fund Director for the class of 2007. 

Class of 2008

Amanda Warlick (CA)
Kat Rohn (CFD)

Class of 2009

Mari Guttman (CA)
Caito Scherr (CA)
Rex Chien (CFD)
Sarah Freeman (CFD)
Henry Reich (CFD)
Will Schwaller (CFD)
Jaimie Stomberg (CFD)

Class of 2010

Fonz Jenkins (CA)
Chris Bulbulia (CFD)
Meghan McDoniel (CFD)
James Meinert (CFD)
Kelsey Picken (CFD)

Class of 2011

Augie Karisch (CFD)
Cy Mistry (CFD)
Mark Rosenberg (CFD)
Tasha Rosenberg (CFD)
Joshua Snedden (CFD)

Class of 2012

Toby Cain (CA)
Jarrett Joubert (CA)
Samantha Braman (CFD)
Anna Bosak (CFD)
Thomas Van Heeke (CFD)

Class of 2013

Doug Dobrzynski (CA)
Natz Soberanes (CA)
Caleb Jones (CFD)
Annie Klodd (CFD)

Class of 2014

Kristina De La Torre (CA)
Andrew Frerick (CA)
Eric Mistry (CA)
Amanda Felix (CFD)
Lizzy Steuber (CFD)
Jarrett Thompson (CFD)

Class of 2015

Iulia Iordache-Bryant (CA)
Pierce Gustafson (CFD)
Kate Klesner (CFD)
Sarah Sherrell (CFD)
Ben Vaughn (CFD)

Class of 2016

Matt Grygo (CFD)
Ben Mothershead (CFD)
Grace Robertson-Lloyd (CFD)

Class of 2017

Jennifer Dong (CA)
Christine Hood (CA)
Laika Lewis (CA)
Geneva Guadalupe (CFD)
Aalton Lande (CFD)
Meghna Usharani Ravishankar (CFD)
Sarojini Sapru (CFD)

Class of 2018

Vedika Haralalka (CA)
Emily Porter (CA)
Yesenia Ayala (CFD)
Ayon Dey (CFD)
Misha Gelnarova (CFD)
Sarah Hou (CFD)
Aleksandar Hrusanov (CFD)

Class of 2019

Bryce Lew (CA)
Kiara Borosky (CFD)
Evan Cooper (CFD)

Class of 2020

Ayyad Jacob (CA)
Natalie Niederman (CA)
Carson Peters (CA)
Jasper Egge (CFD)
Kate Irwin (CFD)

Class of 2021

Linnet Adams (CA)
Nicole Mendez (CA)
Ishaan Tibrewal (CA)
Rachel Hinkley (CFD) 
Rebecca Villa (CFD)

Class of 2022

Maddie McCabe (CA)
Sam Rowekamp (CA)
Camila Hassler (CFD)

Class of 2023

Cosette Rhoads (CFD)
Tinotenda Tazvitya (CFD)