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The Grinnellian 2021 Archive

The Grinnellian is a monthly e-newsletter launched July 2019 to broadly share Grinnell College stories, events, and activities. Besides being informational, a key goal of the newsletter is demonstrate the differences donors and volunteers are making in the lives of current and future Grinnell students.

The Archive

Please note, the archived issues of The Grinnellian are exact versions of the e-newsletter sent out. As such, some of the events, contests, and links may have expired. If you have any questions, please contact us at alumni@grinnell.edu.

2021 The Grinnellian Trivia

In each issue of The Grinnellian, we include a Grinnell trivia question. The first five who reply each month with the correct answer wins a prize. Please see the archived questions, answers, and a list of winners.

November 2021

During the 2019-20 school year, what was Grinnell students’ most frequently chosen major?

Answer: Computer Science

Winners: Jennie Robinson Kloos ’90 and Haakon Larsen ’21

October 2021

What 1950 Grinnell graduate became known for designing benches and stackable armchairs?

Answer: Hugh Acton ’50

Winners: Bruce Koff ’75, Claudia Bogard ’77, Stacy Lunardini ’87, Meghan McDermott ’16, and Anthony McLean ’17.

September 2021

In 1997, students hung an image of what character on Carnegie Hall to protest Labor Day classes?

Answer: Homer Simpson

Winners: Ben Stallings ’98, Tim Stiles ’98, Graham Gelling ’99, Mariana Kind ’99, and Rob Felty ’01

August 2021

Spaulding Manufacturing in Grinnell made what product from 1910 to 1916?

Answer: Automobiles

Winners: Mark Hatherly ’79, Peter MacFarlane ’12, Nate Crail ’19, Priyank Shah ’21, and Richard Lehning. 

July 2021

What are the five language houses on Grinnell’s campus?

Answer: Chinese House, French House, German House, Russian House, and Spanish House

Winners: Nancy Barnby ’61, Suzanne Harold ’96, Brian Turner ’02, Katherine Ingram ’08, and Paulina Panek ’13.

June 2021

What was the last name of the two brothers who were the first College graduates in 1854?

Answer: Windsor (Full names: John and William Windsor)

Winners: Mariana Alwell ’68, James Carns ’72, Dave Cassel ’72, Nieka Apell ’93, and Natalie Rehm ’96.

May 2021

Before his famous role in E.T., what part did Peter Coyote ’64 audition for in Steven Spielberg’s prior movie?

Answer: Indiana Jones

Winners: Gary Wilson ’66, Byron Bangert ’69, Maribeth Johnson, and Steffany Mohan.

April 2021

Who has the most career hits on the Grinnell softball team?

Answer: Kayla Morrissey ’18

Winners: Byron Bangert ’69 and Jessica Starling ’08

March 2021

What long-running TV series with BBC origins did producer Joan Wilson ’50 bring to the U.S. in 1973?

Answer: Masterpiece Theatre

Winners: Gregg Dafner ’75, Steve Silberberg ’79, Kristin Clark ’00, Leanne Williams ’04, and Kaitlyn Waller ’13.

February 2021

Who was the first African American to graduate from Grinnell and what was his class year?

Answer: Hannibal Kershaw 1879

Winners: Byron Bangert ’69, Helle Lukk ’78, Ryann Cheung ’93, Adrienne Enriquez ’98, and Geneva Guadalupe ’17.

January 2021

How many pipes are in the organ at Herrick Chapel?

Answer: 4,000

Winners: Helle Lukk ’78, Bob Shannon ’81, Jean McKenzie ’86, Jocelyn Judge ’93, and Natalie Rehm ’96.