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Mary Kay C. Allen1972
Loretta E. Alves1973
Barbara E. Blatz-Stone
John F. Bowers2006
Leighton D. Bowers2004
Jane E. Brunton-Munoz1976
Ivy D. Chang2001
Jiaqi Dai2020
Beth Ann Guynn1978
Maya C. Kusunoki-Martin2021
Bryce P. Lew2019
Scott Lew
Ai Liu2016
Naveen Makineni
Russell C. Martin
Sarah R. McCarthy2019
Allison W. Miller2013
Michael Nadalsky1976
Sam N. Nakahira2019
Carolyn Patterson
Alyssa R. Penner2010
Kelsey J. Picken2010
Lila Singer-Berk
Julian D. Stone
Dominic R. Townsend-Carroll2022
Results: (1 - 25) of 29

Grinnell-in-Los Angeles Summer Picnic

Mary Kay Kasang Allen ’72Lorrie Buchanan Alves ’73Ivy Chang ’01Beth Guynn ’78Mike Nadalsky ’76, the Office of Development and Alumni Relations, and the Office of Admission invite all members of the Grinnell community and their families to the Grinnell-in-Los Angeles summer picnic. See old friends, make new ones, and give a special welcome to the just-graduated class of 2018 and the entering class of 2022.​

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Sunday July 15
12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
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Los Angeles Summer Picnic: