Wall Service Award 1999 Winners

Anne Anderson ’64

Anne Anderson ’64, of Washington, D.C., will use the $25,000 award to help fund the Psychologists for Social Responsibility's (PsySR) International Peace Practitioner's Network, a network of psychologists and others working to build peaceful communities through psychosocially informed projects appropriate to situation and culture. Among the projects the network will undertake are an Internet discussion group on human rights around the world, and the Cultures of Peace Practitioners' Network, a participatory, interactive network of practitioners from many parts of the world who are engaged in the psychosocial work of healing the stresses associated with war.

One of the hallmarks of the PsySR program is the emphasis on working with and listening to people in local communities when implementing programs for victims of trauma in such places as Bosnia, Rwanda, Angola, and now Kosovo. "This culturally sensitive, participatory orientation is very much a part of me," says Anderson, "it extends the learning that began at Grinnell."

Sandra Stein ’88 and David Loewenstein ’88

Sandra Stein ’88, of New York City, and David Loewenstein ’88, of Lawrence, Kansas, will use their $25,000 to involve two youth groups from diverse contexts to research, design, and paint a mural. High school students in New York City and Holcomb, Missouri, will collaborate via electronic communications on a co-researched, co-designed mural project that will be interpreted and painted in two separate sites. Each group will interpret the collective design and paint its own version of the mural.

Once the mural is painted in both locations, it will travel (both pieces as one mural) along with the video that documents its creation to museums, corporations, galleries, and educational facilities. After these travels, the mural will be installed. The section pained in Missouri will be installed in New York and the one painted in New York will be installed in Missouri. Both will constitute public works that are shared by the entire communities of both settings.

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