Multicultural Alumni Planning Committee

Multicultural volunteers plan all of the events, programs, and interactive learning opportunities for the biennial Multicultural Reunion. They strive to rebuild and strengthen relationships between the College, alumni of color, LGBTQIA+ alumni, international student alumni, alumni with disabilities, Jewish alumni, and first-generation alumni. They build community by sharing their individual and collective stories with each other, students, faculty, and staff. 

Responsibilities of planning commitee members

  • Generated ideas for events and program for the reunion.
  • Create marketing plan for alumni, students, faculty, and staff. 
  • Propose ideas for keynote speakers/performer. 
  • Participate in a subcommittee. 
  • Decide on theme and giveaway item. 

For more information about serving on this committee, contact Sarah Smith-Benanti, assistant director of alumni and donor relations for diverse communities, at or toll-free at 866-850-1846.

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