Grinnell College Reunion Ride Sharing

Carpooling is an ideal way for getting to Campus for your Reunion with fellow Grinnellians while limiting our use of natural resources.

The ride share board includes both those who are looking for a ride and those who can offer a ride to others.

When posting, please lead your title with "Sharing Ride" or "Looking for Ride", the direction of your ride (from, to, to/from), and your starting point towards Grinnell. For example, Sharing Ride to/from Twin Cities or Looking for Ride from Chicago. Once you have created you title, you will be provided a comments box to share more information.

If you have not logged into, you will be prompted to do so. Please make sure you include your name and contact information in the comments box.

You can delete your post completely once you have filled up all the spots you have or have found a ride.

If you wish to have your information listed on the rideshare board below, fill out and submit the form. By submitting the form to us, you grant us permission to share your information on this page. Submissions are not be immediately viewable and may take up to 48 hours to post. If you need to make an update to your ride share information, please email

Please also note that this form is not for requesting our official Reunion airport shuttle service. Requesting a shuttle must be made through the Reunion online registration process or by calling our office at 866-850-1846.

The Office of Development and Alumni Relations at Grinnell College is presenting this information as a service to our Reunion Weekend registrants and assumes no responsibility or liability for any individual transportation arrangements made based on the information presented below.

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