Ridesharing to Reunion 2024 

Interested in ridesharing to Reunion 2024? Caroster is a free platform for coordinating rides. It is available on any device, and you can use the browser-based version or download the app, whichever you prefer. No registration is required.  

Caroster for Reunion 2024

How to use

Click the link above for Caroster. When the webpage opens, you should see “Grinnell College Reunion 2024” as the event in the upper left corner. 

Willing to share a ride

Add your car with the “Add a Car” link. Your phone number will be requested to allow passengers to contact you to organize in more detail as needed. The phone number is not used for any other purpose. There is also space to add additional notes, such as if you are driving round trip, or going on to another destination after Reunion. 

If you are offering a post-Reunion ride that is not a round-trip from the original location and is open to new passengers, please create a new “Add a Car” with POST or AFTER in the title and information. (And, of course, be sure it’s clear to your riders from the first leg that you are not driving back the way you came!)

Looking for ride

Add yourselves with the “Add to Passenger” link.

Please get in touch with each other to confirm arrangements.

Caroster FAQ

  • Note that Caroster is self-gov! This means anyone can edit any information. As stated in their FAQs, “The app follows the trust principle that everyone means well first. And it works well so far 😊.”
  • If you read French, you may occasionally get a nice surprise when something pops up in French. This app was created in Switzerland! If you don’t read French, no worries, simply scroll down to the English part, or look for the “EN” option to change the language.
  • Grinnell College is not liable in the case of an accident or mishap en route, nor is Grinnell College able to find you a ride to Reunion.
  • Caroster is a 3rd-party program, not run by Grinnell College, and is new. It is shared here to offer a helpful service to coordinate coming to Reunion. We appreciate your feedback, sent to reunionhelpdesk@grinnell.edu, as to whether it is serving its desired purpose.

Caroster FAQs


Please email us at reunionhelpdesk@grinnell.edu or call us at 866-850-1846. We look forward to seeing you at Reunion!