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Angelina L. Ahrens
Megan P. Bryant1991
Ann V. Cary1981
Ellie L. Cary
James C. Cary1980
Jayn L. Chaney2005
Heather E. Glenn Junker1991
Margie L. Goggans1975
Allison A. Griffin2004
James P. Howard
Alfred Kildow
Judith T. Kildow1964
Michael E. Latham
Mark A. Lyda1995
Sydney K. Mc Quoid1973
M. S. Motheral1974
John W. Norris1958
Terry J. Norris1959
Andrea R. Semlow2016
Results: (1 - 19) of 19

Grinnell-in-Dallas Alumni Luncheon

We hope you will join us for a luncheon with Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the College Michael Latham​​ at the Adolphus.

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Saturday February 10
12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
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Online registrations for this event are now closed. Please call to register at 866-850-1846.