Regional Network Events

Regional Network events bring Grinnellians together. Ranging from intimate dinner parties to large summer picnics, regional events build the broader Grinnell community and deepen alumni bonds to the College and each other. Regional Networks host a variety of events each year. Successful events engage a diverse swath of the Grinnell community, are inclusive, and leave attendees feeling warmly about their time spent together.

Signature Events

The cornerstone of the regional networks’ event calendars are “Signature Events.” Signature events provide structured opportunities for engagement in uniquely Grinnellian ways throughout the year. 

Summer Picnics

Summer picnics introduce members of the incoming class of Grinnell College students to the alumni community and occur in locations across the country. Summer picnic hosts may choose to host their picnic at a local park, at a restaurant/pub, or at their own homes. Summer Picnics occur between the third weekends of June-the second weekend of August.

Welcome to the City Socials

Welcome to the City Socials introduce Grinnell College graduates who have recently moved to the area to the local alumni community. These events can be held in a variety of formats and locations. Game nights, happy hours, progressive dinners—all can serve to welcome these young alumni. Welcome to the City events occur during the first two weeks of October.

Winter Parties 

Winter Parties gather Grinnellians for fun get-togethers during the doldrums of winter while Grinnell College students are at home. Like summer picnics, winter parties can be held in the host’s home, at a local restaurant, or other public venue. Winter Parties occur the second and third weeks of January before current students return to campus.

Global Days of Service

Global Days of Service celebrate the unique spirit of giving, service, and social justice that characterizes Grinnellians’ ethos. During the Global Days of Service, event hosts lead groups of Grinnellians in local service projects for their communities. Global Days of Service will occur the last two weeks of March through the first two weeks of April.

Other Events

Along with the Signature Events, Regional Networks often choose to host events that match the interests of their community and that often take advantage of local attractions and climate. Popular choices include happy hours, nights at the theater, crafting socials, trivia nights, and much more!

If you would like to host an event in your area, please complete this event form or please contact Ashley Renstrom-Schaefer, associate director of alumni and donor relations, at 641-269-9317 or