Volunteer Spotlights

An important aspect of Grinnell’s mission is to graduate individuals “who are prepared in life and work to use their knowledge and their abilities to serve the common good.”

Grinnellians have a long history of giving back to their alma mater, communities, and those in need.

Below, we have put the spotlight on Grinnellians who have made the world a better place. These are their stories.

Nancy Ying '95Nancy Ying ’95

“Being involved as a volunteer in more than one way helps me stay active within the Grinnell community. I enjoy having intersecting opportunities to talk about Grinnell and planning events that bring alumni together.”

Nancy gives back through volunteering both in Chicago and with her class

Jeff Raderstrong '09Jeff Raderstrong ’09

“There are injustices in the world and there shouldn’t be, and we should do what we can to stop those injustices,” says Raderstrong, when asked what motivates his activism. “Poverty, discrimination, racism – those clearly shouldn’t be in the world, and we should do what we can to stop them. I don’t think of the service I’ve done and the work I’ve committed to as anything other than the right thing to do.”

Doing the right thing

Mary Parker '06 and her wife Erin.Mary Parker ’06

“When we started meeting in 2015 to plan Reunion, we talked about how we could make a legacy for our class, and we wanted something that we could all work on together. We decided that we wanted to make it possible for students who couldn’t afford Grinnell to come here.”

Arkansas teacher helps establish class endowed scholarship

Steven Johnson '08Steven Johnson ’08

“Grinnell is important because it was where I found my niche, a connection to people through social justice programs,” he says. “I like bringing that experience in my volunteering. I enjoy talking and connecting with potential students. I find that we are like-minded in many ways: we believe in social justice, in giving back, and being active.”

Alumnus connects with next generation of Grinnell students through GRASP program

If you know a Grinnellian volunteer who has generously given their time and talents, consider sending along their name for a future volunteer spotlight story to the Alumni Editorial Team.