Volunteer Spotlights

An important aspect of Grinnell’s mission is to graduate individuals “who are prepared in life and work to use their knowledge and their abilities to serve the common good.”

Grinnellians have a long history of giving back to their alma mater, communities, and those in need.

Below, we have put the spotlight on Grinnellians who have made the world a better place. These are their stories.

Chicago's Navy Pier with the Sears Tower in the background.Shannon Boyle ’05 and Jen Sultz ’88

“Grinnell has a strong alumni community who really have a strong desire to actively stay connected with the College and with each other whether or not they actually attended Grinnell at the same time,” Boyle says. “It’s a pleasure and privilege to be a part of that.”

Trivia Togetherness

Karen Fuller, middle, is pictured with her sons, Thomas, left, and Az at their home in Brooklyn. Karen Fuller

“I love to be part of a group that gets to have an animated discussion where you have everybody respectfully giving different views”

From Facebook to the Pioneer Fund: Grinnell mom finds multiple ways to give back

Jenny Dong '17Jenny Dong ’17

“Care packages offer a delightful element of surprise, combined with wellness products and toys that help relieve stress. It’s shows how alums care for the wellbeing of students.”

2017 Grinnell grad happily goes from care package recipient to sender

Mansir Petrie ’99, right, is pictured with two Peace Corps colleagues in Panama. Petrie served as a Peace Corps Response program manager. Mansir Petrie ’99

“I do really value and appreciate our shared visions. We can be a support group for each other to motivate, stay in touch, and enjoy life together.”

Global citizen stays connected to Grinnell through volunteer roles

If you know a Grinnellian volunteer who has generously given their time and talents, consider sending along their name for a future volunteer spotlight story to the Alumni Editorial Team.